WebAdvisor Password

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Common Pitfalls:

  • WebAdvisor username is your email without @kings.edu.
  • WebAdvisor usernames are all lowercase. Some mobile devices automatically capitalize the first character of your username and/or password. Be sure they are both capitalized correctly as these are both case sensitive.
  • Your new password must be between 6 and 9 characters in length and include letters and numbers.
  • Your WebAdvisor Password may or may NOT be the same as your network/e-mail password.


E-mail/Network/Moodle Password

Common Pitfalls

  • Email and network passwords need to be a minimum of 5 characters.

Emergency Notification

Emergency Notification Password

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Common Pitfalls:

  • Your Emergency Notification password may or may NOT be the same as your network/E-mail password.
  • You cannot create an Emergency Notification account until you have a King’s e-mail address (the Emergency Notifications page on MyKing’s has a ‘Create Student/Staff Account’ link that prompts for a King’s email and password before letting you create an e2Campus account).
  • Registration is for 1 year. You will have to re-register any time after July 1st.

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