To Students, Staff and Faculty:

With so many of us learning and working remotely, I wanted to send out a simple way to meet on-line using Microsoft Teams.  By using Teams you can quickly and easily hold an on-line meeting and that meeting can include employees, students or even someone without a King’s College accounts.  The setup is simple, the options for video and voice are easy, AND you do not need to have a King’s College account or e-Mail address to join.  Teams is not designed to be a replacement for Zoom classroom instruction, and in fact it can be used just to connect with co-workers, colleagues, students, clubs, organizations or even just to check in with friends or roommates.  Teams can be used for meetings and projects as well as simple social or community gatherings on-line…and yes Teams is easy to setup and use.

If you can create a normal in-person meeting, you can create an on-line Teams meeting.

It's as simple as 1) Creating a Meeting, Choosing “Teams” Meeting, 2) Picking a Date/Time, Inviting Attendees, Sending Out The Meeting & 3) Launching The Meeting.

Here are the steps…

Step 1:  Create a Teams Meeting in Outlook***:

Step 2:  Enter a Meeting Title, choose guests for the meeting (at ANY e-mail address), choose meeting date/time & CLICK SEND:

The meeting will be sent to your e-Mail/calendar as well as the e-Mail/calendar of other meeting invitees.

Step 3:  Click on the “Join Microsoft Teams Meeting” link in the e-Mail or the “Join Online” link that appears in your calendar.

The meeting will launch giving you the option to activate your camera and audio and Join The Meeting. You can add the Teams App or open the meeting on-line without the Teams App.  You can join as a guest or with your King’s credentials.

This will work across multiple browsers and devices and you can even join a meeting from your cell phone and all with or without a camera.

***If you are using the Outlook Web Version instead of the Outlook App, click on Calendar icon, Click on New Event, Add a meeting title, choose attendees, pick a date/time & choose Teams Meeting from the Add Online Meeting pulldown.

There are many additional items you can explore in Teams to chat, share your desktop with others and much more, but these are the basics of setting up a simple on-line meeting.

We encourage you to try it out for yourself (and your team) and see how easy it can be.  Test it with your friends or even family.  As always, if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact HELP ( or 570 208-5900 xHELP).

Bil Corcoran
Managing Director of MIS
King’s College