To all members of the King’s College community:

With so many students, faculty and staff working remotely, we are seeing an increase in spoofing, phishing, virus and fraudulent activity attempts affecting the entire King’s College community.  Please exercise heightened awareness and suspicion relative to messages you may receive via e-Mail, text, phone or any other electronic communication you may be using.  Scammers are using the fact that many of you can’t walk down the hallway and confirm a request in person with your colleagues or students and they are using the COVID-19 virus to attempt to steal your personal information, passwords or money.

As always, be sure to look critically at incoming messages, links, attachments or anything requesting you to log into a website, enter information, send gift cards, send money or anything else. 

A great first line of defense is to look for a photo to be displayed in your King’s College e-Mail system.  If you see only initials, that message is not likely coming from a legitimate King’s College account and you should treat it as VERY suspicious.

If you have ANY doubt about a message or request, please feel free to contact the IITS Help line (570-208-5900 x HELP or for confirmation BEFORE you respond or click on any links or attachments.

We all have a shared responsibility to protect our colleagues and students and I thank you in advance for your diligence and vigilance.

Bil Corcoran
Managing Director of MIS
King’s College