To all Ellucian Colleague users:

In light of recent events, I wanted to pass on some information about connecting to Ellucian Colleague resources from off-campus:

  • WebAdvisor and Self-Service will continue to work as they normally do from on and off-campus.
  • If you have a college-owned Microsoft Surface machine available, we recommend you use that from home (be sure to remember your charging cable & mouse).  You must have an existing internet connection from home and your performance from home may or may not match what you experience on-campus.
  • Loaner machines will be available but potentially limited.  Contact or 570-208-5900 xHELP for details.
  • To access Colleague UI or CROA from off-campus there are three options:
    • OPTION ONE:  VPN access

This access can be setup on your Surface by requesting it through our help line ( x HELP).
Once setup, your UI desktop icon and CROA desktop icon will function as they do from on campus.  You must already have an internet connection from off-campus for this to work.  To use your home machine, please contact or 570-208-5900 xHELP to setup the VPN and UI/CROA desktop icons on your home machine.


Enter in a browser.  Click on the Colleague icon and the UI login will appear.  Login using your Colleague UI credentials (username).  There are some limitations with this method.


Browse to
You will be asked to sign-in with your King’s College credentials (
Click on the Colleague tile.
Click on “Allow”
Login again with your King’s College credentials ( click Submit
UI login will appear
Login with your Ellucian UI credentials (username)

Click on 

to enter full-screen mode.

The process to access CROA is the same except you click on the CROA tile after logging in.
Click on “Allow”
Login again with your King’s College credentials ( click Submit

With some users, you may wish to take control of your office machine from home using another machine (rather than taking your office machine home).  This remote desktop connection is a little more complex to setup, but in some circumstances, it may be more beneficial than the methods outlined above.

If you have any issues with any of these options, please contact or 570-208-5900 xHELP.  This will ensure your concern is addressed in a timely manner by one of the multiple people that monitor help line contacts.

Bil Corcoran
Managing Director of MIS
King’s College