COVID-19 Vaccination Policies

What is required of every student or employee to be on campus for the Fall Semester?

King’s College requires all students and employees to provide proof of full vaccination as soon as available, or submit an informed consent waiver no later than August 8, 2021 for the 2021-2022 academic year. The waiver form is available online here for employees and here for students. The goal is for as many individuals as possible to be fully vaccinated before the deadline. This policy applies to all full-time/part-time undergraduate and graduate students and employees.

How and when do I submit my Vaccination Record Card?

Please upload your Vaccination Record Card as soon as possible following your second shot for Pfizer or Moderna or your single shot for Johnson and Johnson as follows:

  • Students, upload the official COVID-19 Vaccination Record Card to your secure Student Health Portal
  • Employees, forward the official COVID-19 Vaccination Record Card to, or send a hard copy to Human Resources

When is the latest I can receive my vaccine shot(s) in order to be fully vaccinated in time for the August 8, 2021 deadline?

Johnson & Johnson



For students who reside outside the US and have received a vaccine different than those listed above, please send your vaccination record to You will be contacted by a staff member and provided individualized guidance.

What if I have trouble getting fully vaccinated prior to the deadline?

If you are experiencing difficulty finding a vaccine or meeting the deadline:

We will assist you with finding the vaccine in Wilkes-Barre, PA or provide guidance regarding extension of the deadline and reporting requirements. For individuals who do not have access to the vaccine in their home countries, you may need to wait until you arrive in the US, but may need a COVID-19 entry test and sign a waiver to travel.

What if international students have special needs or questions?

Since each individual situation may be very different, we will address these on a case-by-case basis via the Student Health Center at or 570-208-5852

Who has access to my vaccine record once it is on file at King’s College?

  • For students, only authorized Student Health Services personnel have access to this record. All records for students are protected by FERPA.
  • For employees, only authorized Human Resources personnel have access to this record. All records for employees are protected by medical record confidentiality.

How do I know what percentage of the King’s College community is fully vaccinated?

The percentage of fully vaccinated persons will be shared in mid to late August, 2021 on the COVID-19 Dashboard.

Do I need to participate in routine surveillance testing at King’s College if I am fully vaccinated?

No. Fully vaccinated individuals do not need to participate in surveillance testing at King’s College, unless they desire to do so.

Do I need to wear a mask on the campus of King’s College if I am fully vaccinated?

Until the King’s College community of students and employees reaches a vaccination percentage that will be determined by the college in the future, you will still need to wear a mask, even if you are vaccinated.

What is the policy with respect to unvaccinated individuals within the King’s community who have submitted an informed consent waiver pertaining to the COVID-19 vaccine?

Requirements for unvaccinated individuals are as follows, but are subject to change at the discretion of the College:

  • Submit a completed informed consent waiver form. Students should forward the informed consent waiver to Employees should forward the informed consent waiver to The online form for employees is available here and the online form for students is available here.
  • Participate in pre-semester COVID-19 testing as directed by the College prior to beginning the 2021 fall semester
  • Participate in routine COVID-19 surveillance testing as directed by the College throughout the 2021-2022 academic year
  • If exposed to the COVID-19 virus or a COVID-19 positive person, quarantine per the current College guidelines based on local, state, and national health officials’ recommendations
  • Follow NCAA and MAC requirements with respect to athletics

How do I submit my informed consent waiver?

Can I participate in sports at King’s College if I am not vaccinated against COVID-19?

At this point in time the NCAA has not mandated vaccination. Unvaccinated student-athletes must follow more stringent masking and testing requirements than their vaccinated teammates. This will be updated as more guidance becomes available.

Will I be permitted to take classes remotely if I have an approved exemption for the COVID-19 vaccine?

In general, remote access will not be provided for traditional in-person classes. Students will need to contact individual instructors regarding assignments and exams.


What are the advantages of being vaccinated?

  • Helps protect against contracting COVID-19
  • Aids in preventing the spread of the disease
  • Reduces the amount of required masking
  • Eliminates the need to test before and after domestic travel
  • Allows for gathering in groups
  • Contributes to the goal of herd immunity
  • Removes the requirement of quarantine if exposed to a COVID-positive individual
  • Decreases the amount of social distancing required
  • Free to all eligible individuals, regardless of health insurance status

Can COVID-19 vaccines cause harm?

For the vast majority of individuals, COVID-19 vaccines are the most effective resource available to prevent COVID-19 vaccine infection. Although any vaccine has a potential for side effects and may be contraindicated for certain individuals, millions of vaccines have been delivered worldwide with a low rate of risk.

Where can I obtain a free COVID-19 vaccine?

Here are resources for free COVID-19 vaccination, regardless of whether or not you are covered by health insurance:

What constitutes a “fully vaccinated” status?

Full vaccination status is achieved when two weeks have passed since the final dose of a vaccine that requires 2 doses (Pfizer or Moderna), or 2 weeks have passed since the administration of the vaccine that requires one dose (Johnson and Johnson).

Where can I obtain a free COVID-19 test?

If I had COVID-19, should I still be vaccinated?

Yes. Testing positive for COVID-19 does not guarantee that you cannot contract the disease and pass on to others. Getting vaccinated is the best tool we have to reduce the risk of COVID-19 disease and COVID-19 transmission to the lowest possible level.

If I had COVID-19, when can I obtain the vaccine?

If you tested positive for COVID-19, you CAN obtain the vaccine. For most individuals, 90 days or later after the positivity date is recommended.

What is herd immunity?

Herd immunity occurs when a large majority of a population is immune to a particular disease, typically in the range of 70%-90% of a specific group of people. Based on CDC’s guidelines for fully vaccinated persons, many of the COVID-19 mitigation restrictions may be lifted for a highly vaccinated population. Learn more about herd immunity here.

The goal for our campus is to loosen masking and social distancing restrictions and to expand in-person group gatherings based on our vaccination rate and the community and COVID-19 occurrence rate in fall 2021.

Do the vaccines contain the COVID-19 virus?

The vaccines do not contain the coronavirus that causes COVID-19 infection.

Where can I see vaccination percentage data for a given geographical region?

What is the policy with respect to travel and vaccinated versus unvaccinated individuals?

What if I had the first shot of the Pfizer or Moderna vaccine but have not received the second shot yet?

Immediately contact your healthcare provider or visit for a provider near you.

Should I laminate my vaccination card?

We recommend against laminating your vaccination card, as more information may need to be added to the card over time. (e.g. possible booster, etc.)

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