COVID-19 Campus Metrics Summary for 11/16/20-11/22/20

Information accurate as of 11/23/20, 5:30a.m.


             Number tested positive : 13 cases     

              Students in Isolation: 13  (11 resident students, 2 commuter)

              Students in Quarantine: 37 total. Includes negative, pending and precautions (   2 off campus appts, 31 resident students, 4 commuter students)


              Number tested positive: 3

              Employees in Isolation: ( 3 positives are in isolation at home)

              Employees in Quarantine: 4

*Note: Information provided provides a snap shot of College's COVID status. 

Quarantine:  Separates and restricts the movement of non-symptomatic people who were exposed to a positive or probable COVID case to see if they become symptomatic.

Isolation:  Separates positive and probable COVID case from those who are not ill to mitigate transmission of the virus.

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