King's College is pleased to announce the following computer purchase program.  The new program is  designed to provide the members of the King's community with many purchase options all at a discounted price. 

As we continue to move towards a BYOA (Bring Your Own Access) environment, the computing needs of the community do not require high-end computing power. That being said, the following link will provide you with two environments: The Microsoft Private Store, and The Additional Recommended Devices and Resources store. So whether you want an economical Chromebook or a high-end desktop, your needs should be met all at one location.

The Microsoft Private Store is the initial landing page that offers discounts on Microsoft hardware.


The Additional recommended devices and resources store is the link that will allow you to purchase from many different manufacturers.

If purchasing a Microsoft Surface Pro device, please remember to include a keyboard and pen as they are not part of the surface devices.

You will find some additional information resources that might help with your decision making process. These resources include links called "How to Buy" and "Choosing a device for your child"Many families ask our advice regarding a warranty. We like to encourage families to keep your device under warranty during your entire academic career. 

As always, please feel to contact with any questions.