The King’s College Logos: Representing the College’s Mission and Spirit

The new King's College academic mark, the Mission Mark, is designed to reflect the College’s academic and intellectual strengths and its roots in the Holy Cross tradition, while the new athletic mark, Leo the Lion, focuses on the competitive zeal that has characterized King’s College since its founding. 

A detailed presentation of both new logos can be found here. Please refer to this guide for general questions regarding the proper use of the logos. For more detailed information concerning the use of the logos, please contact the Office of College Marketing and Communication at (570) 208-5848 or email

The Mission Mark

The new King’s College Mission Mark references the strong, traditional values of Catholic liberal arts education and relates directly to the spirit of the Congregation of Holy Cross. The new mark also serves as a constant reminder of the guiding philosophy of Rev. Basil Moreau, C.S.C., founder of the Congregation of Holy Cross.

The Shield

A recognized mark of excellence and stature in higher education, the shield holds the elements of the identity together as one form. It also symbolizes refuge and protection, which help convey the sense that King’s is a place where students engage freely in academic inquiry and explore deep intellectual questions with the support of those around them. The deep black Garamond semibold font suggests the College’s connection to the region’s coal mining heritage.

The Cross

The cross symbolizes King’s Catholic and Holy Cross mission and the deeply rooted belief that, like Christ, all people are called to empty themselves in love for others.

The Anchors

The anchors are a symbol of hope. Hope is fostered and strengthened in King’s students through volunteerism and service so when they graduate and go out into the world, they are inspired to serve others in tangible and meaningful ways wherever they may go.

The Crown

The crown is a symbol of the royal authority of Christ, the King. The crown also symbolizes our responsibility to work to extend the reign of Christ in the world.

The Athletic Mark (Leo)

This new mark, an evolution of the traditional Leo character, was designed to be a more focused representation of the fierce pride, energy and competitiveness of the College and its student athletes. The new Leo retains the spirit of the original image while giving it new focus and intensity.

The new athletic mark includes the following elements:


The new Leo, an intense, face-on close-up of Leo’s head, emphasizes a fierce, competitive gaze, underscored by a challenging half-grin, a unique feature deliberately carried over from the original Leo character.

The Font

The Leo character is accented by a custom-designed typeface that complements the boldness and strength of the Leo image and serves as another symbolic representation of King’s athletic prowess. The full mark will be available with either the words King’s College or Monarchs in the new typeface under the image of Leo. (The King’s College and Monarchs word marks can also be used as standalone elements. An additional line of text also will be used to customize the mark for specific team sports.)

Block K

A new block K in the new type face will be available for use on uniforms, apparel and other applications.

The Colors

The new mark continues to use the traditional King’s College colors of red and yellow. A graphic standards guide for the new logo is being developed that will include specific PMS numbers and define the use of other colors, such as gold and gray, for uniform and other applications.

King's College seal - English version

The English version of the King’s College seal is used on official college documents such as commencement brochures, board and president’s reports and at the President’s discretion.

King's College seal - Latin version

The Latin version of the King’s College seal is used on official college documents such as diplomas and at the President’s discretion.

Graphic Standards

The preserve the strength and integrity of the King’s College brand, the use of the King’s College logos and other representations are governed by a highly defined set of graphic standards. The College encourages the use of these logos and related design elements by members of the King’s community; however, use of the logos must be consistent with the design standards. The Office of Marketing and Communications is available to provide design guidance to anyone interested in using the King’s logos. For more information about using the King’s logos, please contact Joshua Ulanoski via email at