Students are permitted to park in the areas listed here during the hours indicated. These parking regulations are in effect whenever classes are in session and during exam periods. All students, commuters, residents and off-campus students planning to have a vehicle on campus must register their vehicle with Security Services in order to obtain a student parking tag. This tag does not guarantee or reserve a parking space. Parking is on a first-come, first serve basis. Parking tags cost $2.50. Students wishing to purchase a reserved/overnight parking space may do so by paying an appropriate fee at the Security Services Department. Upon verification of payment the Security Services Department will issue a cardkey which is used to access the lot. A $25.00 assessment is charged should you lose the cardkey. A $2.50 assessment is made to replace the hanging tag.

Parking Lot
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Alumni Hall

$350.00 per Academic Year
Reserved for Residents of Alumni Hall and O'hara Hall

N. Washington Street

$350.00 per Academic Year


Load & Unload
Limit 15 min.

North Street

$255.00 per Academic Year

Holy Cross Lot

Staff 7am - 3pm
No Charge


Staff 7am - 3pm
No Charge

Visitor Lot

College Visitors Only

Flood Lot

$350.00 per Academic Year
Reserved for Residents of Flood Hall

Available Reserved Overnight Parking
1st Year Resident Students Only
Contact Campus Security & Safety

Students are required to follow the provisions of the parking enforcement policy.

The college is not responsible for lost, stolen items, or damage to vehicles. Be sure to lock your vehicle and place any packages, etc. in the trunk or out of sight.

Security Services is responsible for the enforcement of parking regulations. Questions concerning parking regulations enforcement are to be directed to the director of security services. Problems related to mechanical devices and the condition of the parking lots are to be directed to the Building and Grounds Department.