Director:  JoAnn Kosik, MHA, PA-C

Phone:  570-208-5852


Student Health Center Hours

Monday through Friday: 8:30am-4:30pm during the academic year.

Student Health Center Staff

A registered nurse is available at the health center Monday through Friday from 8:30am to 4:30pm.

In the evenings, nights or on weekends resident students can contact the floor RA or RC for assistance. In the event of an emergency call 911 or go directly to the Wilkes-Barre General Hospital or Geisinger Wyoming Valley Hospital. 

In June and July, we are not open for patient services. The health center will reopen on August 1st, 2018.

Location and Access

The student health center is located in Andre Hall at 72 W. North St.  The main door faces North St. The building is handicapped accessible through the side door.

Eligibility and Requirements

To receive treatment in the student health center you must:

  • Be a full- time student
  • Have a completed health form on file that includes:
    • Medical History
    • Physical Exam (within 1 year of initial matriculation at King's)
    • Immunization history
    • Proof of Insurance


Tuberculin screening (PPD) skin tests are available to ALL King's student.  A $15 fee will be charged to the student's business account for any commuter or off-campus student. For resident students, the fee is included in the semester health fee. Students wishing to receive the test must sign a consent and be available to return to the health center in 48 -72 hours after application to be have the test read. Tuberculin screening tests for international students are mandatory. This service is provided during orientation.

Health Fee

Undergraduate Resident Students
The cost for health center services is covered by the health fee that is required of all undergraduate resident students.  The health fee covers medical care and medications dispensed by a King’s College health care provider from the health center formulary, and diagnostic procedures and tests done at the student health center.  The health fee is not a substitute for health insurance.

Full time Graduate Resident Students (including 4th year physician assistant students), Commuter, and Off-Campus Students - Students who have submitted a completed health form are eligible to use the health center on a fee-for–service basis.  The fee-for-service cost is charged to the student’s account only if/when a service is rendered.

  • $30.00 - Clinician Visit
  • $15.00 - Allergy Injections and Tuberculin Screening Test (PPD)
  • Prescription Medication Fee (at cost)

Payment for off-campus care or medication is the responsibility of the student.  Students are responsible for all off campus bills that are not covered by their health insurance carrier.


The Student Health Center provides the following confidential health services to all full- time students that have a completed health form on file:

  • Evaluation of illness or injury
  • Select prescription and OTC medications
  • Nebulizer treatments on site
  • Health care information
  • Physical Examination for specific requirements (excluding initial matriculation exams and sport clearance exams)
  • Medical supplies loan program
  • Medical referrals to local specialist
  • Allergy injections [see allergy injection policy]
  • BP Checks
  • Tuberculin screening tests (PPD)
  • Weight monitoring

Prescription and Non-Prescription Medications:
The Student Health Center maintains a limited formulary of prescription and non-prescription medications.

Medications from an Outside Pharmacy
If the Student Health Center does not have a needed medication, the student will be given a prescription to take to the pharmacy of his/her choice. Students may need to call the pharmacy in advance to determine the cost and to arrange payment.  If a student has prescription coverage through an insurance carrier they should be aware of which pharmacy accepts the insurance and should have the prescription insurance card available.  Students are responsible for the cost of medications obtained at an outside pharmacy even if the medication is prescribed by a student health center provider.

Special Appointments
The Student Health Center is a walk-in clinic except in the following circumstances;
Allergy Injections – given only  when the physician is in the health center on Mon or Wed during provider hours.You must be observed for 20-30 minutes for any adverse reaction in the health center after receiving the allergy injection. (Refer to Services; Allergy Injection Policy under Services)

Tuberculin Screening (PPD) Tests.  Time of application must be consistent with hours of operation and the ability to return in 48 -72 hours to have the test read. No PPD tests will be performed on Thursdays.   If the student does not return in a timely manner, it will be necessary to repeat the test at an additional charge.