Core 147 (Spanish for Heritage Speakers) is a 3-credit course offering for students of Hispanic heritage who speak Spanish.  This course is offered in fulfillment of the Core curriculum requirement under Foreign Languages and Cultures.  

Core 147 is designed specifically for native or heritage speakers of Spanish with oral proficiency but little or no formal training in the language. The primary purpose of the course is to develop reading and writing skills, although all of the four language skills (listening, speaking, reading, and writing) are incorporated via classroom instruction and cultural and community activities.  Core 147 is cross-listed as SPAN 147 for students who major in Spanish.

The McGowan Hispanic Outreach Program provides the service learning component of this course. Students who are registered for Core 147 are required to render volunteer service hours to ‘the generation that proceeded you and the generation that will follow you.’   Students will have the option to volunteer in any of the McGowan Hispanic Outreach Programs during the course of the semester.