The Office of Campus Activities provides a place for commuters to express their opinions and have their ideas heard. The office works under an "open door policy" to encourage students to use the services provided. Students can feel free to seek out information, find directions and address any concerns.

The Campus Center is a great place for commuters to relax and meet up with fellow commuters during their "free time" on campus. The Lower level features Connerton's Snack Bar, pool tables, computer lounge, large screen TV, lounge area, and commuter lockers. On the main level are the commuter mailboxes, a lounge area, the art gallery, student office as well as the Office of Campus Activities.

"Pit Stops" are held in the Campus Activities Suite. These events are held at the beginning of each month and feature handouts on student services, information on upcoming events, monthly calendars as well as refreshments. Commuter students can stop in - grab a quick snack - a calendar- talk with the staff- and be on the go again! Watch for the checkered flags!

The Commuter Life Association meets thoughout the semester to discuss a variety of issues, which are of a particular interest to commuting students. All commuters are encouraged to become involved in the Association's activities. If interested stop by the Office of Campus Activities, or call Kathy Barber, Coordinator of Commuter Life at (570)-208-5966.