Mail is delivered to resident mailboxes in each of the individual halls Monday through Saturday with the exception of holidays. Box numbers and the mailbox code are received during new student orientation or delivered to a returning student's email.

There are emergency phones located on most residence hall floors in common areas for student use. 911 and local calls will work on these emergency phones.

All resident students can set up their own computer and connect to the Internet via the College's wireless network from their residence hall rooms. You can purchase a computer through the King's College Personal Pricing Connection. Read more here.

Cable TV
Residents who live on campus enjoy cable TV service at no additional charge. Campus residents have access to 65 channels, including MTV, ESPN, the major networks, and the campus services network - a video bulletin board which keeps students up to date on campus events.

Laundry facilities are found in the basements of Holy Cross Hall, Esseff Hall, Flood Hall, and Luksic Hall. Alumni and O’Hara Halls have laundry facilities on the second, third and fourth floors. King's on the Square has laundry facilities on the sixth, seventh and eighth floors. Laundry machines operate on a Laundry View system which allows you to access information on available laundry machines from any computer. This unique feature also allows you to be texted when your laundry is completed. Laundry machines operate on the King’s Cash system which is through the student ID card. Money can be placed on the King's Cash account for the student and can be deducted each time the washer or dryer is operated. Laundry machines cost $1.00 for a washer and $1.00 for the dryer. Deposits to the King's Cash account can be made three ways: in the Business Office during normal business hours (Monday through Friday, 8:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m), by using the PHIL station, located on the first floor of the Sheehy-Farmer Campus Center, or online

Students will need to supply their own twin XL sheets, blankets, towels and any other necessary linens.

Microfridge Program
Minifridges and several other dorm room amenities are available for rent through Campus Specialties, Inc. (

Although a car is not a necessity for a resident student, students who wish to have a car on campus may do so by registering their vehicle with the Office of Campus Security and Safety and purchasing a parking decal. The Office of Campus Security and Safety is located in rooms 107 and 108 in Alumni Hall.