King's College SGA: By the Students, For the School


  • Lead by example
  • Inspire and encourage others
  • Provide an equal opportunity for communication and participation
  • Promote our passion for the King's Community
  • Develop mutual respect for those we interact with


Through the cooperation of the Student government Executive Board, Class Officers, Liaisons, Advisors, Faculty, and the Student Body, we hope to accomplish:

  • Make a conscious effort to effectively accept and follow the ideals spelled out in the revised Student Government Constitution.
  • Delegate responsibilities and duties to the newly created Director positions.
  • Create and develop an Auxiliary Board of Volunteers who will aid the Student Government Association.
  • Increase student involvement and participation at King's College.
  • Increase communication between Clubs & Organizations and the Greater King's Community.
  • Formally recognize outstanding student contributions to King's College.
  • Collaborate and communicate with local Colleges and Universities to achieve common goals.
  • Develop Student Government online resources such as a Moodle page and redesign the SG page on the King's College Website.
  • Establish a strategy to eliminate paper waste and instill 'Green' practices in the Student Government Office.
  • To continue the tradition of promoting an ethical and efficient environment.