Why did you choose to participate in CCR?

Matt Kropp: I chose to participate in CCR because it was the best place for me to channel my interest in singing into the most beneficial experience. I had always wanted to be a part of a college choral or acapella group, so CCR allowed me to accomplish this goal.

Lindsay Denion: I knew CCR would be a great way to challenge and further my passion for music while still pursuing an unrelated major.

Abby Cooke: Music and singing have always been something I've loved, so I wanted to continue to sing in college. I was excited that King's specifically had a performance choir, which was exactly what I was looking for.

Mary K. Evans: I chose to participate in CCR because I have been singing in choirs for a long time, and I wanted to continue that in my college experience. Also, I knew I would be able to meet people that enjoyed making music as much as I did. When I realized that we would get to do popular music and gospel music, I was even more excited to join this group.

Derek Kline: I chose to participate in CCR because I have always enjoyed the choral music, the concerts, and ability to connect with other musicians.

Mariah Yantz: I love to sing!

Alexis Wylam: I chose to participate in CCR because I enjoy singing. When I received a music pamphlet in the mail over the summer before freshman year, I found out about the ensemble and wanted to meet people with similar interests and do something I love.

Marlee Mierzwa: I chose to participate in CCR because I was in choir in high school and I wanted to continue my singing career in college.

How has CCR impacted your King’s experience?

Matt Kropp: CCR has left an incredibly positive impact on my King's experience. Without CCR, I would never have met such great people and created lasting friendships with them. It also helped me start to get involved in campus life more through the activities we sing at.

Lindsay Denion: CCR has given me my first and closest friends on campus- ones I know that I will have for life and can count on for anything!

Abby Cooke: CCR has made my King's experience so much better. I met most of my friends in CCR, and I couldn't imagine not having them in my life. Singing also helps me relax from my busy academic life and gives me a break from my hectic days. It usually is my favorite part of the day and I always look forward to it.

Mary K. Evans: CCR has had a huge impact on my college experience. Since I've been in choir all four years, it has been a big part of my life. I have spent a large amount of time in the chapel, making music with people that I consider friends. Some of my best friends are members of choir, and I would not have met them if I was not in choir. I have been able to perform in great concerts and spend time with St. Bernadine's Gospel Choir twice each year.

Derek Kline: CCR has become an outlet for me as well as a group which I can build friendships with others.

Mariah Yantz: It has allowed me to connect with other people on campus.

Alexis Wylam: CCR has made my King’s experience great. Although I’ve only been here for a short time, I can say it has made one of the biggest impacts. I’ve met so many friends and look forward to choir to spend time with them. CCR has become my break. The hour away from my homework helps me to destress and have fun.

Marlee Mierzwa: CR has made my experience at King’s so much more enjoyable.  By joining CCR I have made many friends and having rehearsal a couple times a week is a much needed stress relieving break from studying.

What difference has participating in CCR made to you?

Matt Kropp: CCR has made quite a difference in my life. I would not be as active on campus, and I would not have the friends and experiences that came with CCR. Also, I think without CCR I would not have continued singing, which is hard to believe considering how important singing is to me now. CCR gets all the thanks for that!

Lindsay Denion: CCR has helped well round me into a person that can do more than just their field of study, and the amount of important things I have learned about vocals and technique thus far are tremendous.

Abby Cooke: Choir has given me a way to express myself through song. I love being able to perform for the community as well as assist the college with various events with music.

Mary K. Evans: CCR, as I said earlier, allowed me to meet my closest friends. Also, music has been a form of stress relief for me, and being able to sing beautiful music at least twice each week helps me deal with a challenging courseload. I am able to get rid of the negative emotions when I am singing in the choir. I love hearing the unaccompanied sound that we create as a choir, which is very uplifting for me. 

Derek Kline: The biggest difference is that participating in this choral ensemble has taken lots of stress away from me. Without the ensemble, it would be much more difficult for me to keep my mind off of things.

Mariah Yantz: Better singing techniques. People are more welcoming than they were in high school.

Alexis Wylam: Participating in CCR has made all the difference. If I didn’t audition for this ensemble, then I wouldn’t know many of these amazing people. They each bring different interests and colors to the family. Having the opportunity to sing and spend time with each member has made a difference to me.

Marlee Mierzwa: By participating In CCR I have had the opportunity to meet so many amazing people.  Being in the PA program, I was nervous about adding another activity to my already full schedule. But CCR is not just another activity; it is a gathering of a group of friends that make beautiful music together.  

What is your favorite part of being in CCR?

Matt Kropp: My favorite part of CCR is the camaraderie. We are a family that comes together to have fun and do what we love - singing. We work as a unit to put on excellent concerts, and then have dinners and holiday parties together. Without this second family, my college experience would not be half as good as it has been with the CCR family.

Lindsay Denion: Hands down, my favorite part of CCR is our director and conductor, Rob Yenkowski. He emanates energy and kindness that you simply cannot ignore when you meet him. Thanks for everything, Rob!!!

Abby Cooke: My favorite part of CCR is the connection I feel with everyone. We are a family. Though we have our ups and downs, we are always there for each other and I know I can count on everyone in choir.

Mary K. Evans: My favorite part of CCR is the music and the sound of all of the harmonies together. It is almost magical the way the sound echoes in a given space. We get to sing gorgeous classical pieces and powerful pop and gospel pieces. There is such a variance of style of the music that I am never tired of doing certain kinds of music. My favorite part is putting the harmonies together for the first time. Hearing the full choral sound can give me goosebumps because it is so incredible.

Derek Kline: My favorite part of being in CCR is being in the concerts. The performances have given me so much joy and at the end I feel proud for myself and my peers in the ensemble.

Mariah Yantz: Definitely, Saint B's! They brought so much spirit. They made the music come alive!

Alexi Wylam: My favorite part of being in CCR is spending time with the people. I love them all. They are all so welcoming and caring. I feel like I’ve known them all for years. CCR is a family. It’s difficult to pick a favorite part. I love it all.

Marlee Mierzwa: My favorite part about CCR is how kind and inviting Rob and the whole choir are.  As a freshman, I was nervous joining CCR, but once I arrived at the first rehearsal I immediately felt like I fit in.