The Eric J. Williams Scholarship Fund was established shortly after the death of Federal Corrections Officer Eric J. Williams, who was killed in the line of duty at United States Penitentiary at Canaan, Pennsylvania, on February 25, 2013.  The mission of this scholarship fund has been to award scholarships across our country to students enrolled in either criminal justice programs or police academy programs. 

The scholarship fund also sponsors the Eric Williams Race for Justice.  As an interim measure “between” races”, the national race committee, through the scholarship fund, is calling for essays which will be reviewed by an independent college professor and his/her appointed assistants, resulting in choosing two winners, one in each specified category.  Each winner will receive a Seven hundred and Fifty dollar scholarship award from the scholarship fund. 

Qualified Participants

Participants must be entered in a college program, and be:

  1. Students enrolled in a college level Criminal Justice/law enforcement program
  2. A student enrolled in a college level program who is the child of a law enforcement officer from any branch of law enforcement.

Focus Of The Essay

  1. For the student of a Criminal Justice/law enforcement program, the essay should be titled “ What will I be able to contribute to my profession”
  2. For the child of an officer, the essay should be entitled “What impact has my parent’s law enforcement career had on me.

Length of Essay

One page, single spaced, size 12 font.

Deadline for Submission

December 1, 2015

Date Scholarships Will Be Awarded

December 15, 2015

Mail Essays To

Eric Williams Race for Justice
P.O. Box 164
Nanticoke, Pa. 18634

Email Essays To:

E-Mail essays to

Additional Information

Proof of enrollment will be required to receive the award.  Winner’s essays will be posted on website. 

Include a cover letter with contact information, relationship to law enforcement (student, child of which branch), permission to post your essay on our website  (optional), current or intended school.