“My daughter’s experience with the Kids at King’s Program was extremely satisfying. She was not only engaged emotionally in the curriculum of Setting the Stage and the Acting Workshop, but gained professional training in the technical aspects of theater and acting.  Her instructors had direct experience in the field and were able to impart their expertise, bringing her class to a higher level of attainment.  The Kids at King's program is well managed, professionally taught and is very wholesome.  Parents can be certain that their children will be given a unique experience.”

Anthony J. Desiderio

“Both my children had a truly wonderful experience in the Kids at King’s Program this summer.  We did the entire six week program and they were happy to go there all the way to the end.  The staff and programs were really organized and you always walked away feeling like your child was not only going to have a great day, but that they were in safe and in good hands. That truly meant a lot to me as I am a worrier by nature.

My daughter loved the Ballroom Blitz and Mini Stars programs and was very excited about the end of week performances, as was I … what a great idea!  My son liked Tasty Science the best, loved creating new things in a real hands-on fashion and really enjoyed the teacher.  And they both loved eating lunch in the cafeteria!!!

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this program to any family considering Kids at King’s for a number of reasons.  First, the teachers and organizers really take the time to get to know your child and go out of their way to make them feel comfortable; your child is having fun and learning new things while in a safe environment; and finally, I loved the way my kids felt comfortable enough to express themselves and were able to feel independent while in a controlled environment.”

Jackie Johnson

"My son had a great time meeting new friends and enjoying ALL of the camps that he participated in last summer.  He especially liked the "monsters" camp because they played monster tag and made cities out of paper and used spoons to destroy the city. The Kids at King's camp was a great experience and provided a positive, safe and exciting learning environment.  He looked forward to going to camp everyday and never said "I'm bored!" because he actually had fun everyday!  He wants to come back next year!!!"

Molly Cunningham

"I found out about the program from one of my co-workers (a King's alum); it was the best summer experience my daughter ever had.  I'm sorry I didn't know about it years ago--especially since I work nearby.  I love the fact that they go swimming everyday as part of the aftercare program. The staff is phenomenal; they bend over backwards to answer questions, help you out and make the camp a fun event for everyone.  Sign up your kids up for class as fast as you can!  And my daughter TOTALLY RECOMMENDS IT.  She said, ‘The staff was awesome and really nice. I felt welcome when I first walked in the door.  They have the best summer camp food around. I can't wait to go back next year!!!!’"

Brenda Navin

“I love Kids at King's camps.  As a parent, I've always tried to place my boys in situations that not only enhance academics, but promote positive individual growth and teach responsibility.  That's what King's is all about.  I find the staff to be fabulous role models who have actually gotten to know my children personally.  They not only identify my children by name, but they have daily conversations about their sporting events and hobbies.  The staff makes the children feel important.”

Lisa Giovannini

“My daughter’s experience at the Kids at King's program was wonderful. She loved the variety of something new every week. The camp classes were fun and were run very efficiently.  She liked "Fit and Fun Summer for Kids" the best. She enjoyed the outside (and inside) physical activities, including activities like running, soccer and kickball. It was her favorite week.  I would recommend the Kids at King's summer program not only because of the great programs it offers, but also the great location on campus and the friendly event staff. The camp staff takes an interest in the children and really get to know all the kids, which as a parent is comforting.”

Deanna Willison