View the step-by-step video on how to request documents below:

Use this page to request an official letter and/or other documents for your scholarship provider or other sponsoring organization. Please allow up to 10 business days (Monday-Friday except for school holidays) for the requested materials. They will be sent to your “” email. Once you receive the letter/documents in your King's email, it is your responsibility to send them to your scholarship advisor.

Requesting a transcript for another college/university? Click here for instructions.

Need enrollment verification for organizations in the USA (e.g. employer, landlord, insurance company, background checks)? Click here for instructions.

Questions? Email

*Items marked with an asterisk are required.

NOTE: This is for SACM ONLY.  If you need to request an official transcript for another school you must request this through the registrar by using this link:

NOTE: You will need to fill out paperwork with the registrar’s office as well.

NOTE: In order to receive a driver’s license/state ID letter you cannot have any holds on your student account and must be actively enrolled in a full-time course load (or approved for a reduced course load)

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