GLC 2018: Triple Bottom Line: Profit, People and Planet

GLC 2017: Breaking Boundaries and Creating Connections for Innovation, Sustainability and Growth

GLC 2016: The ART of Good Governance: Accountability, Responsibility and Transparency

GLC 2015: The World in 3D: Democracy, Demography, and Demand

GLC 2014: Interdisciplinary Perspectives on Ethics, Economics and Entrepreneurship

GLC 2013: Crisis, Cooperation, and Change within the Global Landscape

GLC 2012: Challenges and Opportunities for Growth within the Global Landscape

GLC 2011: Going G.R.E.E.N. in Changing Times

GLC 2010: Global Landscapes: Ethics, Entrepreneurship and Organizations in an Era of Global Economic and Financial Crisis

GLC 2009: Business, Ethics and Sustainability in the 21st Century

Interdisciplinary Conference 2008: Landscapes of Latin America: Economic Development, Ethics and the Environment in the 21st Century