Start by signing in using this link:

Once you're signed in, you'll need to click this grey edit tab on a page your user account has access to:

If you don't see the view and edit tabs you are either using a different web browser than the one you signed into, or do not have permissions to edit the page you're viewing. Your next step is scrolling down and ensuring the Text format dropdown is set to Filtered HTML:

Moving forward, scroll back up and you'll see a preview of the page in the editor. Above it is a menu bar:

Hovering your mouse over an icon will give you a description of the icon's functionality. The bulk of these you will recognize from other text editing software. Most notably we want to focus on 2 of these- Link to Content and Media Browser.

To add a hyperlink to your page, highlight the text that you want linked in the editor and click the Link to Content button:

Make sure your hyperlink follows succession criterion.

To add a PDF or image file, click the Media Browser button:

Before uploading your file, ensure that your PDF is compressed to under 5MB and your image is in JPEG format and under 300kb in size. Upload your file and follow the prompts to submit. If uploading a PDF file, ensure the text linking to the file follows succession criterion.

Use the green "Save" button at the bottom of the editor view to publish your edits. Updates will not appear immediately on our site. Please be patient or contact a webmaster if you need an update to appear immediately. 

From here, review our page editing guidelines.