General Rules

Don't copy/paste content from Microsoft Word or other software into the editor as it can add unwanted tags and formatting. Instead, copy the content into a Notepad (.txt) file and then again copy and paste it from there. 


By default, content is left aligned. It should stay that way unless the page absolutely requires content to be center aligned. 

Understanding underlines

Underlining text on the web shouldn't be used to indicate importance - on the web, it indicates a hyperlink. Use bold instead. 

File uploads - .PDF, .docx or .jpg file

PDFs should be added when a document or form needs to be printed, downloaded or zoomed (think campus map, or student handbook). Docx or other microsoft file extensions should not be uploaded unless it is absolutely neccesary that they be editable by those downloading. Not everyone downloading the .docx file will have the software necessary to open it. 


For special image formatting or responsive images, contact a webmaster. Ensure file sizes are under 300kb. Send the images to a webmaster for processing if you are unsure of how to export the image. 

Linking an email address

Should be linked as "" without quotes.


Have a webmaster build a table for you - often times they will not look the way you want them to when moved to the editor, particularly on mobile devices.

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