Welcome to Fall Semester 2021. As the COVID-19 situation continues to be a challenge in the world, we are committed to providing information regarding our COVID-19 testing, positive cases, and vaccination rates for the 2021-2022 academic year. Currently we are collecting an entry COVID-19 test on all unvaccinated students and employees. We will begin weekly COVID-19 surveillance testing for all unvaccinated individuals the week of August 23rd, 2021. If you are an employee with questions, please contact hr@kings.edu. If you are a student with questions, please contact studenthealth@kings.edu. Please remain safe and vigilant in avoiding COVID-19 risk, and remember the best protection is still vaccination!

The COVID-19 Dashboard is provided to inform the college campus and the interested public about the known documented cases of COVID-19 among our students and employees. It is updated once daily and includes data from various sources to enhance the knowledge and understanding of our COVID-19 status.

The charts on this page reflect tests obtained on King’s College campus along with timely reports of results from local labs and facilities when submitted to the college as requested from students and staff. This data is fluid, and you may note large upswings in days when surveillance testing and reporting is performed on campus.

If you have a question about the data as presented, please contact studenthealth@kings.edu. A staff member will respond within a 24-48-hour time frame.

Term Definitions



Non-Resident Student

Positive Case

Positivity Rate


Resident Student

Surveillance Testing


Disclaimer: Based upon normal fluctuations in active employee and active student numbers, these figures can and will move up and down accordingly.