119 Sheehy-Farmer Campus Center
Telephone: (570) 208-5807

For more information, contact the Office of Conference and Event Services:
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The Office of Conference and Event Services is designed to meet the needs of various educational and non-profit associations in organizing meetings and conferences on the King's campus.  The Office of Conference and Event Services offers a full range of services and facilities, including multi-media auditoriums, computer laboratories, a first-rate dining service, excellent recreational facilities, and air conditioned residence hall rooms and apartments. Conference and Event Services also works closely with the area hotels and the Chamber of Commerce in promoting tourism to the region.

The Sheehy-Farmer Campus Center provides Conference and Event Services with many new and exciting options to meet the needs of groups wishing to hold week-long conferences, day-long seminars, or individual meetings on the King's College campus.

Formerly the Sheehy Student Center, this facility underwent a complete reconstruction in 2001, including the addition of another level . This new floor houses a complete catering facility and can accommodate up to 350 people for dining and 500 in lecture-style seating. The floor can appear as a single room or can also be divided into several smaller areas for dining and meeting space. The building also offers additional meeting space for smaller groups.

During the summer months, King's College is able to provide air-conditioned housing facilities to groups that run conferences or seminars that last more than one day.

  • Esseff Hall is a six-story residence hall that can provide accommodations for over 250 in double-occupancy rooms. Bathroom facilities are shared in this facility. Lounges on each floor, as well as a large common lobby, provide additional space for small group meetings and socials. Laundry facilities are available for your use.
  • Alumni Hall
  • O'Hara Hall
  • Holy Cross Hall

Large group spaces include:

  • Burke Auditorium, a 220-seat multimedia facility features complete audio, video, and computer c onnections , as well as satellite downlink capabilities.
  • The Chapel of Christ the King is a multipurpose facility, used not only as a worship space, but also as a meeting or lecture space with seating for 300+ people.
  • The Sheehy-Farmer Campus Center now provides a flexible space with room for up to 500 in lecture-style seating.
  • Numerous classrooms and smaller auditoriums provide plenty of room for small group sessions. Most classrooms are equipped with VCRs, TV monitors, and overhead projectors, and many have computers and LCD projectors for PowerPoint and other presentations.

The dining service at King's has an excellent reputation for providing high quality food and pleasant service at affordable prices. You will receive suggested menus from which you can choose your meals, or you can provide your own ideas and selections from which our staff will work to ensure your dining needs are met. In addition to three meals a day, our dining service is prepared to meet your needs for breaks during meetings and socials in the evening. Special dietary needs can easily be met, providing the necessary information is provided in advance. 

The Scandlon Physical Education Center provides recreational facilities for your use, including an Olympic-size swimming pool, racquetball courts, and workout equipment such as treadmills, stair climbers, and stationary bikes. Nearby, Kirby Park offers tennis courts and a running track, as well as hiking trails along the Susquehanna River. Betzler Fields is available for outdoor events.

Perhaps most importantly, at King's you will receive outstanding customer service. A friendly staff is on hand to address your needs and make sure all arrangements have been handled to your satisfaction. Dining service workers, housekeepers, security staff, maintenance workers , and technical support people are all committed to making your stay comfortable, enjoyable, and productive. You can rest assured that all details discussed in the planning of your visit will be ready for you upon your arrival, and needs that arise during your visit will be addressed quickly and efficiently.