After much research, King's College applicants are no longer required to submit standardized test scores as part of the Application for Admission. This option is appropriate for any student who thinks that their score on the SAT or ACT does not accurately correlate with their abilities in the classroom.

Test Optional Admission policy

Academically strong students who believe that standardized test scores do not accurately reflect the strength of their academic achievements can choose to be considered as test optional in the admissions process. 

Students still have the option of submitting standardized test scores, but will not be at a disadvantage if they do not.  King's College has put an increasing reliance for admission on other criteria, including high school transcripts, the rigor of completed course work, extracurricular activities, community involvement, essays and personal recommendations.

*Please note that cyber school students, homeschooled students, 3+2 Engineering, Nursing and Physician Assistant applicants must submit standardized test scores.