Think of the visit as your chance to interview potential colleges. To do so, you need to be prepared with a list of questions. Take a look at this list and choose questions that are most important to you. Bring them with you in your Visit Notebook and make notes as you get your answers. When you get home, use this to help evaluate the colleges you visited.



  • Which academic programs on campus are the most popular?
  • How hard is it to get into the courses in these programs?
  • What are the largest class sizes for first-year students or sophomores?
  • Who teaches most classes – graduate students or professors? 
  • What courses do typical first-year students take?
  • What type of research are students doing in my area of interest?
  • What are the graduation requirements for the major I'm interested in?
  • What percent of students move on to graduate school?
  • Which graduate schools have students attended?


  • Will my choice of major affect my chances of admission?
  • What if I enroll as an undeclared major?
  • What academic elements are considered in the admission process and how important are each of these factors?
  • What percent of first-year students return their sophomore year?
  • What type of students do best here?
  • What makes this college a good choice for me?

Social Life

  • Are there a wide variety of activities to choose from?
  • What are the most popular extracurricular activities?
  • Does the campus have fraternities and sororities? If so, what percent of the student body participates in Greek life?
  • Where is the central hangout for students?
  • Are sports the primary social event?  If not, what is?
  • What is there to do on weekends? Do most students stick around or do they leave campus?


  • Can you walk to and from classes?  Are the residence halls close by?
  • What type of school is it: serious, a party school, strongly religious…?
  • What is the ethnic breakdown of the student body?
  • What portion of the student body lives on campus versus commutes?  
  • What is the parking situation and can first-year students have cars on campus? 
  • What is the surrounding area like? 
  • What is there to do off-campus?


  • Is campus housing guaranteed for all four years? Do many students live on campus all four years?
  • What housing options are available after your first year?  
  • Are first-year students required to purchase a specific type of meal plan?
  • What are the dining options on campus?  How late are they open?
  • Are there restaurants nearby?
  • Are the dorms wired for internet/e-mail services?
  • What laundry facilities are available?
  • Where can I get necessities if I don’t have a car?


  • What is the all-in total yearly cost of attendance, including books, tuition, fees, housing and meal plans?  
  • Does the ability to pay the full cost of attendance have any impact on the college's decision to admit you?
  • Which financial aid forms are required?  
  • What was the average first-year student aid package last year?  
  • What percentage of that is in student loans?
  • What types of payment plans exist?
  • What percent of students graduate in four versus five years?


  • What tutoring, counseling and other support services are available?  
  • Are there any special support services for special needs students? Is there any additional cost charged for these services?
  • Do I need to bring my own computer? What computer access will I have?
  • What security is available and are there any safety issues on campus? If so, how are they addressed?  
  • What transportation options are available for students without cars?
  • Where do students go if they have a medical emergency?