So you think you’ve decided but still aren't sure. To help, we suggest digging a little deeper to find out what a college is really like. A simple and informative way to do that is to surf their site as if you’re already a student there. Skip the sections dedicated to future students and admission and dig around into the rest of the site so you can get an idea of what life is really like on campus. Here are a couple of places to do some undercover work:

  • Say Hello.  More and more colleges offer websites or blogs to communicate with incoming students, current students and staff. Use this as an opportunity to talk to others who are deciding or ask questions of current students to help you make your decision.
  • What’s Happening.  There should be an event calendar that features upcoming concerts, events, screenings and other cultural events. Take a look at the type of activities going on and see if they interest you. 

  • Check out your room. Most colleges require freshman to live in specific on-campus residence halls, many of which are posted on their website. Take a tour to see what they have to offer and while you’re there, see what the upper class options are and what services are available to residents.

  • Read the Menu. Look for a link to Dining Services to find out the number of cafeterias, what their hours are and what meal plan options are available. Most importantly, find out what’s on the menu to make sure it sounds good.
  • It’s Academic.  Within the Academic section of the site, there should be an area dedicated to majors  Find the programs you are interested in, look at the courses offered and read the faculty bios to see if this is the major for you.  
  • Cheer on the team. Whether you want to play a sport or sit in the stands, click on Athletics to find out what’s going on. Look into intramural and club sports, fitness centers and varsity calendars to see what’s available to you.
  • Involve yourself. Look for Activities or Student Life to find out what types of clubs or organizations there are.  Do you see any that you would want to join or get involved in?  
  • Got it wired.  Find the Information Technology (or IT) area and determine if the campus is up to date technology-wise. Is the campus wireless?  Are there plenty of computer labs available? Will you be able to register or take classes online? Do professors communicate via e-mail? 
  • I need somebody.  Everyone needs help sometimes so look for the student services area to see what types of support are available to you.