What can applicants do to increase their chances of getting in to the college of their choice? If you’ve met the general requirements, what will help put your application into the accept pile?  Here are a couple of tips we can share with you.

  • Colleges want to know that you can push yourself so if you have the choice, take AP classes over easier classes in which you can get higher grades. The harder a school is to get into, the more you need to show that you are moving on to the next level of intensity. 
  • Even if standardized tests are optional, take both the SAT and the ACT. Students often do better on one than the other based and it’s up to you whether you include both scores. 
  • If you have a bad test score or grade, you’re going to want to address it somewhere in the application or during your interview. Offer an explanation of what happened and provide assurance that was not the norm for you.
  • Select the extracurricular activities to include carefully.  Admission officers want to see that you are not only involved but that you are genuine about the activities you chose. 
  • Take the time to think about and write your essay.  At the minimum, an essay will be used to prove you can write at the college-level. On the other hand, a really good essay can make the difference between an acceptance and a rejection.
  • Lastly, be sure to proofread, spell-check and include every requested piece of information. A properly completed application package will make it through to the readers and decision-makers faster than the rest.