College Applications: Where do I Begin?

You'll be glad to know that a lot of the application work has already occurred. Really! You have a lot to share with us. We want to know YOU. Be honest and throughout when filling out your application. We are eager to know your accomplishments and read your application for admission. 

Before you begin tackling applications, take a moment to read about the Admission Process and our Tips for Applying as that will help you understand what is important to admissions counselors as they review your materials. Two of the hardest tasks students face is asking for recommendations and drafting their college essays, and we can help you with both.

The biggest piece of advice we can offer is to use the application as your chance to establish who you are and tell your story. Learning how to stand out in the application pool is as critical as meeting the deadlines. We'll answer any questions you have and suggest you use our College Application List to keep track of the colleges that make your shortlist. Start working now and by the time the application season rolls around, you'll be ahead of the game!