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Registrar's Office



Sort and file student records, locate files (current, archived and graduate), help with mass mailings, answer phones, occasional front desk duties, and other duties as assigned.

Skills:  Confidentiality, accuracy, dependable, and communication skills.

Federal Work Study eligible

Elaine Klukoske

ext. 5471

# of openings - 1





Student aide needed to help develope and maintain files which are part of a "digital stories" project from a study abroad program.  Student would be collating files and working with web design software to create a web site highlighting the work.

Federal Work Study eligible

Cristofer Scarboro

ext. 5637

# of openings - 1





Responsibilities will include such tasks as creating and maintaining files for interns, working with databases and updating spreadsheets, photocopying paperwork associated with the Internship Program, electronic reporting, etc.  Additional projects or tasks not listed here can be assigned at any time as directed by the entire Office of Career Planning staff; however primary responsibility will be to assist with The Internship Program.

Work study students are required to report changes to their work schedule to their supervisor, via telephone, with at least a 24 hour notice.

Federal work study eligible.

Kelly Lettieri

Assistant Director for Internships

ext. - 5475

# of openings - 1

Residence Life

Summer 15

Fall 15/Spring 16


Filing, typing, run errands, process King's Cash and other deposits.  Must be willing to stick to weekly schedule.

Must be friendly, helpful and dependable.

Hours are flexible between 8:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.

Approx. 6 hours per week




Megan Sellick

Sheehy-Farmer Campus Center

ext. 5656

# of openings - 1



General office work.

Data entry, billing, mailings, etc.


Federal work study eligible.

Darlene Gavenonis

ext. 5835

# of openings - 1


Fall 15/Spring 16

FALL15/SPRING16:  Student aide will be responsible for providing customer service to students, faculty, and prospective families.  Student aide must maintain confidentiality, have a positive attitude, have ability to motivate self and others, demostrate strong communication skills, be computer proficient with Excel and Word, have a professional demeanor, be open to learning new skills and be detail oriented.  Normal office duties include copying, filing, answering phones, running errands, processing paperwork, and preparing mailings.

The supervisor will complete a 60 day initial review to provide feedback to the student aide on performance and an end of semester review will occur thereafter.

Approx:  8-10 hour per week.

Federal work study eligible

John Kratz

Director of Academic Advisement


Fall/Spring opernings - 1




Study Abroad

Fall 15/Spring 16

~  Greet students and collect contact information from interested students

~  Assist in the study abroad fair event and other events on campus throughout the year

~  Develop marketing materials and promote study abroad programs

~  Provide administrative support to Study Abroad Director and Faculty-Led Coordinator

Skills:  Needs the be familiar with Macrosoft Publisher and Excel

Approx. 5 hours per week

Schedule : Monday - Friday.  between 10 a.m. - 4 p.m.

Federal work study eligible.

Megan Borsuk


Renata Evan

Study Abroad Office

112 N. Franklin Street

ext. 5986

# of openings - 1



Mac Computer Lab & Production Assistant

Student will trouble shoot, maintain, and check in and out video and sound equipment, maintain computers in MC 409, and will assist students with television studio and field production.

Knowledge of video equipment, cameras, and video editing software.

Federal work study eligible.


Scott Weiland, Ph.D

MC 409 $ HDTV Studio

ext. 5202

# of openings - 4

Community Service Jobs - off Campus - Transportation may be provided

Fall 15/Spring 16





Fall 15/Spring 16

Off campus Community Service jobs in schools, soup kitchen, local library, children services center, etc.  Contact the Shoval Center for more information on Community Service job openings and if tranportation would be porvided.

Federal Work Study eligible






Assist Staff with various programs, including transcript recognition, community based work study, Hunger for Justice Week, SERVE Programs, etc. 

Basic computer skills, friendly and outgoing personality.

Approx. 6 hours per week.  Schedule flexible during normal weekday hours.

Federal Work Study eligible

Maura Modrovsky

Community Service

ext. 5915

# of openings - 15


Shoval Center

# of openings - 2

McGowan School of Business

Summer  15


Clerical work.

Typing, filing, making copies, computer entry, mailings, and errands.

Federal Work Study eligible

Mary Bowditch

ext. 5624/5700

# of openings

Fall15/Spring16 - 1

Academic Skills Center (ASC)

Office Duties

Fall 15/Spring 16

The ASC coordinates tutoring, test proctoring, accommodations for students with disabilities, and learning strategy sessions for the King's College community.  Student Aide will cordially provide customer service to students, faculty, and prospective families.  The student aide will complete data entry on a weekly basis.

Student aide must maintain confidentiality, positive attitude, ability to motivate self and others, strong communication abilities, computer proficiency with Excel and Word, professional demeanor, be open to learning new skills and be detail oriented.

The supervisor will complete a 60 day initial review to provide feedback to the student aide on performance and an end of semester review will occur thereafter.

Preferred working hours between 8:00 a.m.- 9:00 a.m. and 11:30 a.m. - 2:00 p.m.

Federal Work Study eligible

Tara Lambert

ext. 5841

# of openings - 1



Dan Flood Tutor


Schedule:  3:00 p.m -  5:00 p.m.    Transportation provided, if needed.

Mandatory orientation sessions.

Clearances are required (by January 29, 2015).

Semi-professional attire required.  (women: blouse/casual slacks; men:  shirt/tie, casual slacks).  No Jeans, t-shirts or shorts allowed.

Federal Work Study eligible


Bro. Steven Lamendola

ext. 8093

# of openings - 3

Dining Services

Fall 15/Spring 16

Positions available at Connerton's, Marketplace, Monarch Mart and Leo's on Mane

See Lou Mazza at Marketplace to apply for openings

Hispanic Outreach/Education


Federal Work Study Eligible

Elementary School Tutor, Flood Elementary - Transportation provided, if needed.

Ability to work with children in grades 1-4.  Clearances are required. 

Mandatory orientation sessions, semi-professional attire required.

Schedule: Tuesday and Thursday - 3:00 p.m. - 5:00 p.m.


Childcare Worker; Tutor

To supervise children of adult ESL students taking night classes.  Between 5-10 children from ages 6-12 years old.

Up to 7 hours per week


Conversation Partner for ESL students

Work in a small group with adults learning English.  Use prompts from teacher to help students practice English.

1.5 hours per week - Thursday 7:00 p.m. - 8:30 p.m.


High School Mentor

Work with Hispanic High School students who come to King's College once a week for a mentoring program.  Assist in small group and other work as assigned by program director.

1.75 hours per work

Mondays 2:45 p.m. - 4:30 p.m.

Federal Work Study eligible

Reyna Logsdon

McGowan 206

ext. 8021


Eric    ext. 8302

Desk Attendant

Gym Desk

Fall 2015

Knowledge of college policies, rules and regulations.

Maintains accurate records and loans identifying all guests and visitors.

Courteous and establishes good public relations with all faculty, staff, students, visitors and general public.

Handles emergency situations by contacting appropriate college personnel and department, such as Security Services and the other desk attendant.

Checks all identification cards of students, faculty and guests upon entrance to Scandlon Gym or Recreation Center.

Scures premise at the end of tour of duty with the assistance of other desk attendant.

Performs other dituies as assigned.

Mark Naylor

ext. 5993