You could be eligible for a $1000 Grant—Just Complete a FAFSA Application by March 1st!

King’s College understands the challenge students and parents face when it comes to funding an education. One way we help meet that challenge is by offering the King’s FAFSA Filing Grant. If you file before March 1st, you could be eligible for the King’s College FAFSA Filing Grant for $1000.

To complete the form, go to and follow the instructions. (Be sure to include King's College federal code 003282 on the FAFSA.)

We’re Here for You

While it is our philosophy that the student and his/her family have the primary responsibility for meeting college costs, resources from the college, federal and state programs are available to help you with the costs. We work with our students and their families to develop a financial aid package that is based on the individual's need and is designed to help make a quality education at King's College an affordable option.

Visit the following publication page for more information about King’s College Financial Aid and related resources: