Administration Building

The Administration Building was acquired from the Lehigh Valley Coal Company in 1953, at which time the King’s campus officially moved to the current North River Street location. In addition to the office of the president, the Administration Building contains the following:

Susquehanna Place (basement)

  • One of college’s food-service facilities, Susquehanna Place was completely renovated in 2018 and now includes study rooms.

First Floor

  • Registrar’s Office—Handles questions regarding general academics, course registration, forms, catalogs and other resources
  • Business Office—Manages campus business operation, including processing tuition payments and billing, which is especially important for on-campus jobs
  • Financial Aid—Responsible for processing financial aid and source of information about scholarships, student loans, work study, etc.

Second Floor

  • Houses classrooms for various programs, including mathematics, biology, chemistry and other sciences.

Third Floor

  • Chemistry Department faculty offices
  • Dean of College of Arts and Sciences
  • Vice President and Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs

Fourth Floor

  • Mathematics Department faculty offices
  • Additional classrooms

Fifth Floor

  • The President’s Office
  • Alumni Relations
  • Office of Institutional Advancement

Sixth Floor

  • Office of College Marketing and Communications
  • Counseling Center
  • Academic Skills Center
    • Offers learning skills workshops, such as time management, note-taking, study skills, etc.
    • Peer tutoring is free and available to students (an on-campus job opportunity). ASC Tutors must have at a 3.0 GPA and a B or better in the course they wish to tutor
    • Services for students with disabilities


The following offices are located in the corridor between the Parente Life Science Center and the Administration Building:

  • Academic Advisement—Every student is assigned a faculty advisor for their major. Advisors stay in close touch with advisees through meeting twice a year to evaluate academic standing, future courses, etc.
  • Post Office—First-year students’ mailboxes are located in lobby of residence halls. Students can purchase stamps and send mail and packages to/from this location.
  • Writing Center—Offers tutorial assistance with written assignments—on-campus job opportunity