General Nursing Courses

NSG 300     Issues and Trends in Professional Nursing     3 credits

This course focuses on concepts basic to the development of professional nursing practice. It examines current issues and trends in professional nursing practice. Emphasis is placed on critical thinking, nursing theories, public policy, quality and safety, staffing, and the re-socialization of the professional nursing role.  Theoretical and applied concepts for professional practice, the changing health care system, an introduction to healthcare finance, and professional practice strategies used with patients and families across the lifespan, are explored.

Prerequisites:  RN Status

Nursing 304    Introduction to Evidence Based Practice     3 credits

This introductory course is designed to prepare students to become consumers of research who critically evaluate and base patient care on evidence. Emphasis is placed on the components of the quantitative and qualitative research processes and the competencies necessary to read, evaluate and interpret research findings for practice. Building on critical thinking skills, this course will expand students' knowledge by assisting them to develop a PICOT question and use principles of evidence based healthcare to address problems in professional practice. 

Prerequisites:  RN Status and Statistics

NSG 306    Informatics for Healthcare Professionals     3 credits

This course provides a comprehensive overview of the field of healthcare informatics.  This course will examine computer technology and selected computer applications, including applications for safe and effective patient care.  An overview of the variety of technologies that facilitate clinical care, including patient monitoring systems, medication administration systems, and other technologies to support patient care will be discussed.  The use of informatics in professional practice, education, research, and administration will be explored, along with the impact of informatics on quality improvement, safety and healthcare delivery systems.

Prerequisites:  RN Status

NSG 308    Global Health and Ethical Decision Making     3 credits

This course provides students with the opportunity to develop the knowledge and understanding of global health issues in nursing. This course is to provide students an opportunity to become more culturally competent and assist them in understanding how culture impacts the health of a person, family and community. The course also provides an opportunity to give humanitarian service that promotes self-empowerment of individuals and exposes students to global health and health disparity issues. Current trends and issues in health care will provide a framework for analyzing the legal, ethical and public policy aspects of health care systems globally.

Prerequisites:  RN Status

NSG 400    Community Health     3 credits

This course explores the professional community/public health nurse’s role in exploring alterations in the health of individuals, families, aggregates, communities, and populations. Principles of leadership and management are applied to models for health management and population-focused practice.  The achievement of the Triple Aim is explored through the delivery of primary care services. Basic concepts of epidemiology are presented and are applied to community health problems and national initiatives, including disaster-preparedness, culturally-competent care to diverse populations.

Perquisites:  RN Status

NSG 410    Community Health Clinical     2 credits

This course provides students, under the supervision of a designated preceptor in a community/public health practice setting, the ability to apply theoretical, scientific, and humanistic principles as they work with aggregates in the community to implement interventions aimed at achieving positive health outcomes. Nursing care delivery systems in the community that promote health and prevent illness in population groups will be explored. Health promotion and management in primary care will be the primary focus for the clinical component.  

Prerequisites:  RN Status

NSG 404    Principles of Teaching and Learning     3 credits

This course will give students the opportunity to apply concepts and develop skills in curriculum development, classroom and clinical teaching, and evaluation methods in an educator role within the student’s area of specialization. Students will explore the need to interface with patients and families as well as faculty, administration, support services and clinical agency personnel. The student can choose from a variety of opportunities in clinical settings with patients or staff nurses or with nurse educators in clinical or academic settings. The student will complete 42 hours (1 credit) of clinical experience in an educator role and 28 hours (2 credits) in classroom seminars.

Prerequisites:  RN Status

NSG 405    Baccalaureate Capstone (leadership/Management)     3 credits

This capstone course is focused on facilitating the transition from the role of student to the role of the professional nurse in the contemporary health care environment. Students are introduced to leadership and management concepts as they apply to professional practice in the healthcare setting. The role of the nurse related to social justice issues in the world will be discussed.

Prerequisites:  RN Status

NSG 500    Advanced Physical Assessment across the Lifespan     3 credits

This course focuses on concepts integral to the development of advanced professional nursing practice.  Culturally-competent techniques used by nurses in the ongoing assessment of the health status of patients are examined.  Emphasis is placed on utilizing interviewing skills, obtaining health histories, and physical assessment techniques used across the lifespan. The development of genograms and the implications of genomics on pharmacological therapy will be explored. 

Prerequisites:  RN Status

NSG 413    Cooperative Education in Nursing     1 - 4 credits

This is a variable credit course which allows the working Registered Nurse the opportunity to combine academic study with work experience to further explore leadership/management concepts.  Credits for prior learning are dependent on number of hours to be completed, and assignments are adjusted accordingly.

Prerequisites:  Employment as a Registered Nurse.