The TEAS test is used as a measure the level of general academic preparedness of students progressing into a health science program of study. The TEAS test needs to be completed by December 1 to determine progression to year 2 of the 1-2-1 Dual Degrees in Nursing program at LCCC. Students who live in Northeastern Pennsylvania must register for the dates provided by LCCC and take the exam at LCCC. Follow the directions on how to obtain the study material and like every test it is essential to study for the exam. It is recommended that students in the program take it early so students can focus on classes when they begin. In addition, if the student does not obtain the proficient level on the composite score they will have sufficient time to reschedule another time prior to December 1. Additional dates will be added throughout the semester. If the student lives outside of Northeastern Pennsylvania they can take the exam at any PSI testing center and the results should be sent to Luzerne County Community College.