HRM 210 — Introduction to Human Resources Management (3)

An overview of the field of Human Resources Management, including an historical per­spective of HR, strategies for designing HR activities, and the roles and responsibilities of HR professionals. Participants will have contact with HR professionals. Prerequisite to all upper-level HR classes for majors.

HRM 354 — Employee Selection: A Psychological Assessment Approach (3)

This course will apply the principles of psychological assessment to the hiring process. The course will address different types of tests/inventories for evaluating job applicants, assessment measures for employee selection, test fairness, test construction, and employee opinion surveying. The fundamental functions of I/O psychology will be addressed in relation to psychological assessment.  Prerequisite: HRM 210.

HRM 360 — Industrial Psychology (3)

A survey of industrial psychology. Topics include: worker attitudes and job satisfaction; employee motivation and work efficiency; worker attitudes/behavior; self-esteem; and work and family issues. Discussions of typical roles and responsibilities of industrial psychologists in a variety of organizational settings will also be undertaken. Students also conduct industrial psychological research. Prerequisite: ECON 221 & HRM 210.

HRM 380 — Employment and Labor Law (3)

Legal issues which impact various human resource functions will be covered, including equal employment requirements in recruitment, selection, compensation and performance evaluation. Organizational policies that comply with federal and state statutes will be re­viewed and analyzed for union and non-union settings. Case studies, including significant court decisions, will be used. Current topics will include occupation safety and health, work-force diversity, and accommodating the disabled worker.  Prerequisite: HRM 210.

HRM 390 — Compensation and Benefits (3)

An in-depth exploration of various compensation systems to include policy formulation, internal/external equity, and legal requirements. Participants will develop competencies in job analysis and evaluation, salary surveys, and benefit administration. In-depth review of specific benefits such as health, pension, childcare, family leave, HMO’s, and PPO’s.  Prerequisite: HRM 210.

HRM 410 — Employee Training and Development (3)

An in-depth exploration into the training process to include needs assessment, design, im­plementation, and evaluation. This course will integrate theoretical and applied principles of adult learning. Participants will utilize diverse training methodologies, case studies, role plays, simulations, and interactive video and develop their own competencies as trainers.  Prerequisite: HRM 210.

HRM 460 — Current Topics in Human Resources Management (3)

A course designed to integrate and apply the human resources, psychology, and business courses required to address issues for Human Resources Managers. The student will synthe­size their knowledge of human resources principles and practice by applying their knowledge to issues of current concern to HRM professionals. To be taken in the senior year.  Prerequisite: HRM 210.

HRM 470 — Topical Seminar (3)

An advanced seminar offered periodically on a topic of special interest to Human Resources Managers such as employee safety and health, labor relations, Human Resources planning, and International Human Resources.  Prerequisite: HRM 210.

HRM 480 — Independent Research in Human Resources Management (3)

Designed to provide the opportunity for students to engage in independent research in a specific area of human resources management. Junior or senior status required; open to juniors with permission of the Department Chairperson. Prerequisite: ECON 221 & HRM 210.

HRM 491 — Special Topics in Human Resources Management (3)

Topics selected from contemporary Human Resources Management issues which may be offered from time to time to meet the need of the students. Prerequisites may be required based upon the content of the course.  Prerequisite: HRM 210.

HRM 499 — Internship in Human Resources Management (1-6)

An option for qualified juniors and seniors to gain practical experience in the field while working with a human resources management professional. Regular meetings with a departmental faculty advisor and permission of the department chairperson are required.  Junior or senior status with a minimum G.P.A. of 2.50 is required.