Internships and research opportunities

3+2 Engineering students are encouraged to pursue summer research at ND.  The research positions are paid positions, and students can apply for them in the summer of their 2nd or 3rdyear (before they transfer to ND).  This allows students to acclimate themselves to Notre Dame and the local area before they start taking on a full academic load in the fall.  Students who are about to enter the 3rd year of the program at King’s have the opportunity to go the ND for the summer and decide if the program is right for them.

Study Abroad

There are also summer engineering study abroad programs that 3+2 students are encouraged to consider.  For some programs the major prerequisite is Calculus II, so a student can consider this after their freshman year at King’s.  The programs are in London and Spain, and run for 6 weeks.  Students take 2 courses that count towards their technical electives.  King’s students can start receiving Notre Dame credits well before they actually transfer, and will have the opportunity to study with Notre Dame students and professors.  The cost is approximately $6500 to $6700.  For London this includes everything except meals (airfare, lodging, ground transportation included).  For Spain food is included as part of the package.

3+2 Engineering Dual Degree Program Planners

Here are some helpful links to the Notre Dame engineering programs: