Fluid Mechanics Lab

Civil Engineering Fluid Mechanics lab covers various basic fluid mechanics experiments such as Reynold's dye experiment, Pelton turbine, flow measurement in pipes, measuring major and minor head losses in pipe flows.

Civil Engineering Materials Lab

In Civil Engineering Materials lab students implement, analyze, and report civil engineering laboratory and field tests in accordance with industry standards. A variety of common construction materials is examined to include emphasis on soils, aggregates, and concrete.

Hydraulics and Hydrology Lab

Hydraulic and Hydrology lab covers some basic open-channel flow hydraulics experiments, rainfall-runoff process experimentation, permeability and Darcy's Law experimentation and computer modeling of steady flow in uniform channel with some hydraulic structures using HEC-RAS.

Computer Applications Lab

Computer Applications for Civil Engineers lab focuses on the computer skills that civil engineers use daily such as formulated calculations, data analysis and reporting using spreadsheets (Excel), computer-aided drawing (CAD) of civil structures using AutoCAD and similar professional software, use of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) for mapping of transportation and water resources systems.

Civil Engineering Structures Lab

In the Structures lab, students design, analyze, and report on basic structure types including bridges, steel frames, and towers. Using SAP 2000 and Autodesk Revit, students explore the connection between structural design and analysis. The lab provides students with an opportunity to contextualize what they learn in the classroom through a combination of hands-on learning opportunities and software-based assignments.