The Bachelor of Science in Computer Science-Business is a 136 credit program that combines the traditional Computer Science major with ten foundational business courses.  This interdisciplinary curriculum provides students with an understanding of the principles and applications of computer science and provides students with the knowledge to make them competent in a business environment.

Since this is an interdisciplinary program, the business portion has more credits than a traditional minor and fewer credits than a double major.  The 8 foundational business courses cover the pre-requisite business content required of most MBA programs.  There are two business electives included so students can specialize in a particular area of business which is compatible with their career goals.

In order to distinguish this degree from the traditional B.S. Computer Science degree, diplomas and transcripts will reflect the interdisciplinary nature of this program by listing the degree as B.S. in Computer Science-Business.

Computer Science-Business majors wishing to complete major requirements at another institution must complete them at a four-year institution and have permission from the Department Chairperson.  To maintain the academic rigor of the program, at least 50% of all science, computer science, mathematics and business courses must be taken at King’s College.