Title: Cultural Perspectives on Ecotourism Advertising

Associate Professor, Dr. Karen Mercincavage, head of the Visual and Brand Communications track in the Mass Communications Department, is partnering with David van der Woude, from the Colegio de Estudios Superiores de Administración (CESA), Bogota, Colombia on a project to create a marketing campaign, creative brief, and advertisements on ecotourism. The King’s College course being taught is COMM 243: Fundamentals of Image Manipulation. Joint learning outcomes for the COIL collaboration include:

  • Identify how culture impacts advertising, specifically for ecotourism
  • Compare and contrast travel advertising specific to one’s own culture

Title: Education and Teacher Training in Two Countries

Professor of Education, Dr. Denise Reboli, is partnering with Dr. Carlos da Fonseca Brandão, Assistant Professor in the Department of Linguistic, Literary and Educational Studies, Sao Paulo State University, on a project to compare and contrast the education systems and teacher training and certification processes in the United States and Brazil. The King’s College course being taught is EDUC 202: Education Philosophy, Ethics, Issues and Trends. Joint learning outcomes for the COIL collaboration include:

  • Identify and compare structure of the US and Brazilian school systems
  • Articulate how socioeconomic status influences access to education in different locations
  • Identify how culture and structure of education system impact educational experiences
  • Identify and compare most typical paths to becoming a teacher in the US and Brazil

Title: Connections between Culture and Principles of Health

Associate Professor, Diane M. DellaValle, program director of Nutritional Sciences in the Sports Medicine Department, is partnering with a Professor of Public Health, Maria Angelica Camperos Ardila, from the Servicio Nacional de Aprendizaje (SENA), Bogota, Colombia to explore connections between culture and health.  The King’s College course being taught is ExSc245: Principles of Health. Joint learning outcomes for the COIL collaboration include:

  1. Introducing students to the concepts of virtual exchange and collaborative online international learning (COIL)
  2. Exploring the importance of cultural barriers and prejudice formation for intercultural communication among individuals and groups, which is especially important for the health professions
  3. Exploring and identifying differences and similarities between Colombia and the United States on perceptions of how culture and health are connected