Megan Harrold
Psychology, Spanish
Class of 2011 
King’s Faculty Led Program
Canto Grande & Lima, Peru

How did you select your Study/Intern Abroad location?

I knew I wanted to go to a Spanish speaking country (Peru), and with it being only 3 weeks during the summer, I saw it as perfect for me.

Why did you want to study or intern abroad?

I have always wanted to travel abroad, and I saw this as a perfect opportunity to do so. I also viewed the studying abroad experience as a way to further enhance my Spanish speaking abilities.

What were the highlights of this experience?

Being able to talk to native speakers. Seeing the different historical sites, and the beauty that is all around Peru. Also being able to look at the United States from an outsider's point-of-view. Just traveling abroad.

What surprised you the most?

How well I was actually able to communicate with people.
How receptive the natives were to our being there.
How helpful and patient everyone was with our speech, directions, etc.

How has (or how might) this experience affect your major or future career?

The field of Psychology is a very broad field, and I am hoping that this might give me a boost over some other people who might be applying for the same position.  Being able to speak another language and deal with different kinds of people, and being able to say that I have seen another part of the world, which has given me a greater respect for life and people, will definitely be helpful in finding a job.

What would you tell student considering studying or interning abroad?

DO IT!!!!  If you have the will, there is always a way.  You can never regret an experience like this. You meet amazing people and develop some close relationships, and it also challenges you, and you end up learning a lot about yourself...more than you could by just sitting in a classroom at King's...or any other school.

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