Christine Parcher
International Business Major
Class of 2008
Shanghai University of Finance & Economics
Shanghai, China

How did you select your Study/Intern Abroad location?

I decided to choose a location that would best support my goal to build a career in international business. I chose The People's Republic of China because of its growing importance to the global economy and the international business field in recent years.

Why did you want to study or intern abroad?

I wanted to obtain language skills and understanding of other cultures that would be beneficial to my area of study. I also enjoy traveling and the adventure associated with participating in new experiences.

What was the highlight of the experience?

The highlight of the experience for me was meeting new people and getting the chance to connect with people of a totally different background on a more personal level. One of my fondest memories of studying in China was teaching English to underprivileged children through a charity program.

What surprised you the most?

The differences between western and Chinese culture I found to be very surprising at times. During my stay in Shanghai I discovered that many behaviors that we Americans find impolite if not down right vulgar are sometimes considered acceptable in China.

How has (or how might) this experience affect your major and future career?

I believe my experience has given me valuable skills and knowledge that will become useful as I build a career in international business. These skills I can use to distinguish myself from others who are studying the same field; and international business is kind of a broad major.

What would you tell students considering studying or interning abroad?

You must be able to keep an open mind and be willing to do without a few creature comforts that you are normally accustomed to. Also, take it upon yourself to be interactive in your new environment. Don't be afraid to try new things or ask questions frequently. The more you get involved, the better your experience will be.

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