King's College offers several short-term (3 week) programs abroad, developed and led by members of the King's faculty. Typically, these programs are open to groups of 10-15 students. By participating in a faculty-led program, students can earn 3-6 King's College credits toward their major, minor, or the core. Students are advised to check the schedule of short-term faculty-led programs at the opening of each academic year. Applications are accepted during fall semester for the following summer term.


Faculty-Led Study Abroad Programs 2016/2017:


Spain: ENGL 327 Travel Writing in Spain ; 3-6 credits*, Summer 2017  (May 29-June 17)


Vietnam: CORE 193/IB241 The Dragons Awake: The Globalizing Business World of Vietnam and Asia; 3-6 credits*, Summer 2017 (May 22-June 14)


Ireland/Scotland:  CORE 140/ENG392/HIST 492/ INST 300; 3-6 credits*, Summer 2017 (May 24-June 8)


*This is a 3-credit course. Students can take an additional 3-credits in conjunction with the program abroad at a discounted rate of $300


Ms. Renata Evan
Coordinator, Short Term Study Abroad Programs