If you decide to study abroad, you have many important decisions ahead of you. This information should help you in this process, and help you determine whether studying abroad is right for you.

The Study Abroad Office is committed to providing high-quality, academically-sound, and experientially-rich opportunities for King's students. We're available to help throughout this process. All students are encouraged to visit the Study Abroad Office and resource library located at 112 N. Franklin Street, and to schedule an appointment with the director of Study Abroad Programs. It is important to start this process early, preferably a year in advance of your anticipated departure.

Know your program options.

Once you have decided that you want to study abroad, you will need to begin researching the many wonderful programs available to you. King's offers both affiliated and non-affiliated study programs at a variety of institutions. Remember that there are also internship and service-learning opportunities abroad in which you may wish to participate. If you are interested in receiving more information about internships and service-learning programs abroad, please contact the Study Abroad Office.

Know your financial aid package.

Visit the Financial Aid Office to assess your financial aid package. It is important to know whether your financial aid is federal, state, or King's aid. Also, you need to know exactly how much financial support you receive each semester and which aid can be applied towards study abroad.

Know when you want to study abroad and when you are eligible.

Students interested in a semester abroad are eligible after the first semester of their sophomore year. To participate in a semester program before that time, students must petition King's for special permission. This restriction does not apply to summer programs. Some programs abroad are restricted to students with Junior or Senior status.

Know how long you want to study abroad.

King's College students may study abroad for a semester, a summer, or a full academic year. Students make these determinations based on personal goals and other commitments.

Learn about available scholarships early.

Scholarships for study abroad programs are often very competitive so if you are interested in applying for off-campus scholarships, it is necessary to begin early. Financial aid discounts are available to students who participate in a King's College affiliated program. Many non-affiliated programs offer their own scholarships which may be reviewed on the individual program websites.

Find out what your advisor thinks about your plans.

It is important to speak with your academic advisor as well as other professors to discuss your plans to study abroad. Most departments are very supportive of study abroad programs. They also know about programs that are particularly suited for their majors.

Determine if your special needs will require special planning.

Are you currently receiving special accommodations for a learning disability or for attention deficit disorder? Are you seeing a counselor for any special needs? Do you have any special physical needs? If so, you must be sure that the program you select can accommodate your special needs.

Find out about the necessary paperwork.

All students need to submit various application forms in order to participate in a study abroad program. This includes the Pre-Application Form (orange sheet) which verifies that you have the permission of your academic advisor and the associate vice president for student affairs to participate in a study abroad experience. Students are required to sign an agreement and release form stating that they are aware of the risks associated with international travel. They must also submit a course selection form to the registrar.

Calculate all costs.

It is important to note that you will be responsible for your own tuition, room and board. You are also expected to purchase books and pay other academic expenses, such as computer fees, library fees, excursion fees, health insurance, etc. These fees vary by campus. Other costs will vary according to your lifestyle and travel plans. It is a good idea to start planning and saving money as soon as you can! The Financial Aid Office will calculate the amount of financial aid applicable to your study abroad program costs. NOTE: King's aid may be adjusted relative to the cost of the study abroad program selected