When may I participate in the study abroad program?
Students interested in a semester abroad are eligible after the first semester of their sophomore year. To participate in a semester program before that time, students must petition King's for special permission. This restriction does not apply to summer programs. Some programs abroad are restricted to students with Junior or Senior status. A 2.5 GPA is required to study abroad.

How many credits will I have to take?
In a semester program, you are required to take a full-time course load while abroad.

Will the credits transfer?
Absolutely! You receive credit for all course work abroad, provided that you earn a grade of "C" or better.

Will the grades I receive count?
Yes! All of the grades you receive while studying abroad on an affiliated program count. These grades will appear on your transcript and are calculated into your King's grade point average. If you study under a non-affiliated program, you will receive transfer credit for your course work.

Will the classes I take count toward graduation?
With careful planning and advising from your academic advisor, you can make normal progress toward graduation. It is important to speak with your academic advisor because the application of credits earned abroad toward major or graduation requirements depends upon departmental criteria.

What happens to my status at King's?
Before your departure, the Registrar's Office is notified of your participation. Your status as a study abroad participant will be noted on your student records and transcript. You will continue to be enrolled and registered at King's while abroad.

Do I need to know a foreign language?
Not necessarily. Although many of the programs in which students study have a language requirement, many programs do not. In these cases, you may study the language while you are there; however, the language of instruction is English. Classes at many of our affiliate programs are offered in English, while courses are also offered in the language of the host country.

Where will I live while I am abroad?
Housing options vary according to the country. Some programs offer dormitory or apartment style accommodations, while other programs provide the homestay option.

Will I have the opportunity to travel?
Certainly! Most students find time to travel during school breaks and at the end of the semester.

Do I have to participate for a full year?
King's offers full year, semester, summer, and short-term faculty-led programs. Most students spend a semester or summer abroad.

If I don't like it, may I come home in the middle of the program?
By coming home in the middle of the program, you are essentially withdrawing from King's. However, in an emergency, you may receive authorization from the College to return home. These situations will be handled case by case.

May I apply if I'm a transfer student?
Yes, but please be aware that you may only transfer a maximum of 60 credit hours. If you have already transferred the maximum number of credits, you should look into the affiliated programs. With affiliated programs, you receive grades and King's College credits, not transfer credits.

How much will it cost me to participate?
If you are studying through an affiliated program, you pay the regular King's College tuition directly to King's and King’s pays the program tuition. You pay accommodation charges directly to the program. All other costs, such as board, books, round-trip transportation, insurance, and personal expenses are your responsibility. Your financial aid package – King’s scholarships, state and federal grants and loans - will generally apply. If you are studying through a non-affiliated program, the tuition cost will vary from program to program. You will pay all fees directly to the program and will not pay fees to King's for the semester you are away. Your state and federal grants and loans will generally apply toward the costs of non-affiliated programs.