All majors are eligible for study abroad but it is very important that you start planning early in order to pick a programming and timing that meets the requirements of your major, minor, and campus activities.

Students are eligible for semester study abroad after the first semester of their sophomore year. To participate in a semester program before that time, students must petition King's for special permission. This restriction does not apply to summer programs. Some programs abroad are restricted to students with Junior or Senior status.

Students must have a 2.5 GPA at the time of application in order to be eligible for any study abroad.

Students must be in good disciplinary standing with King’s College based on a review of your disciplinary record and current probationary status, if applicable. Each case is reviewed separately so exceptions can be made in some cases. Disciplinary standing is reviewed via the “Pre-Application Form,” signed by the Associate Vice President for Student Affairs.

Transfer students may apply for study abroad but be aware that you may only transfer a maximum of 60 credit hours to your King’s College transcript. If you have already transferred the maximum number of credits, you should look into the semester affiliated or short-term King’s faculty-led programs. With affiliated and King’s faculty-led programs, you receive grades and King's College credits, not transfer credits.

Athletes, PA students, and others with heavy on-campus time commitments may study abroad.  We encourage PA students to study in short-term programs. Athletes are eligible and encouraged to study abroad, but you will need to speak with your coach first and cooperate closely with your coach in order to meet the needs of continued training, for example.