Our #1 goal is for you to complete your King’s degree in a timely fashion. We aim to guide you to a study abroad program that meets your degree requirements and, further, allows you to grow in knowledge of the world, empathy, intercultural awareness, and international perspectives on your courses of study.

The following are some questions and answers related to academic course selection, approval, and registration:

What Courses Can I Take While Abroad?

There are many options! Did we mention that our #1 goal is for you to complete your King’s degree in a timely fashion? Therefore, the courses you take abroad need to directly serve your major, minor, core and elective requirements. We recommend talking with your Academic Advisor and meeting a Study Abroad Advisor early in your King’s career to plan for your study abroad. You may want to “save” certain courses for your intended study abroad program.

How do I get King’s College approval (and, therefore KC credit) for my study abroad courses?

Prior to departure for a semester or external summer study abroad program, you need to fill out the “Off Campus Study Form,” have it signed by your faculty advisor, and submit it to the KC Registrar with copy/screenshot to Renata Evan in the OSA. It is important to seek approval from your academic advisor because the application of credits earned abroad toward major or graduation requirements depends upon departmental criteria. If you are applying for a faculty-led study abroad program, you do not need to submit the Off Campus Study Form.

Note: Semester and external summer study abroad students are responsible for registering for courses directly with the study abroad program (based on the list of courses and alternates you select with your advisor).

Your course credits will transfer back to your King’s College transcript, provided you earn a “C” or better.

How many credits will I have to take?
In a semester program, you are required to take a full-time course load while abroad, 12-18 credits. Typically, most summer study abroad students take 3-6 (sometimes 9) credits abroad, depending on the program.

Will the grades I receive count?
Yes! All of the grades you receive while studying abroad on an affiliated program or KC faculty-led program count. These grades will appear on your transcript and are calculated into your King's grade point average. If you study under a non-affiliated program, you will receive transfer credit for your course work. Again, in order for your course credits to transfer back to your King’s College transcript, you need to earn a “C” or better.

What happens to my status at King's?
Before your departure on a semester or external summer study abroad program, the Registrar's Office is notified of your participation via the “Off-Campus Study Form.” Your status as a study abroad participant will be noted on your student records and transcript. You will continue to be enrolled and registered at King's while abroad.

If I don't like it, may I come home in the middle of the program?
By coming home in the middle of the semester program, you are essentially withdrawing from King's. However, in an emergency, you may receive authorization from the College to return home. These situations will be handled case by case.