An academic learning community is a series of courses across two or more disciplines that are linked by a common theme such as "Humans and Nature" or "What is the West." Because faculty from different disciplines design these classes to complement each other and often with shared assignments and activities, students gain a deeper understanding of a particular theme than they would from the same classes taken separately. Learning communities are a "community within a community" where a single groups of students share a cluster of classes, so they quickly develop relationships that are the foundation of effective study groups and lasting friendships alike.

Starting in 2010, King's college will begin to offer two different types of learning communities. The Thematic Integrated Learning Experience (TILE) is a cluster of courses across the curriculum dealing with any type of theme, and is available to students in the Spring of 2010. Border Houses are a second type of learning community, starting in the Fall of 2010, that are specifically international in focus and are connected to an optional short-term study abroad trip led by experienced King's College faculty to destinations around the world, including places like Peru and China.