"Joining The Honors Program at King's provides an exciting and challenging program where you can meet friends with similar interests that will last after your King's experience ends."

~Erica Pandolfo 2013

"Honors Lounge activities like the movie nights and game nights, as well as the trips to New York City and Boston have been a good mix of educational and personal exploration. I can honestly say that some of my best friends here at King's are the students I met in my Honors classes and at Honors Program events. "

~Giancarlo Dilonardo Class of 2012

"In the Honors Program I've taken advantage of learning opportunities both on and off campus. From the comfort of the honors lounge to the museums of Boston, my world view has been constantly challenged by engaging professors, cultural excursions, and unique presentations."

~Anthony Melf 2012

"Throughout my four years, I have had countless opportunities to develop my leadership and analytical thinking skills through the Honors Program.  These attributes were key factors in securing my job as an internal auditor for Campbell's Soup. In addition, there were a wide variety of social events that managed to be both engaging and educational. I'll always look back on the activities such as trivia nights and community service projects with fond memories."

~Rachel Hoffnagle 2011

"Throughout my experience at King's, the Honors Program has taught me to challenge myself.  In the beginning, I was very hesitant to stay in the Honors Program because the stress of college started to become overwhelming.  However, it was one of the best decisions I have ever made and it is extremely rewarding. I have met some of my closest friends in the honors courses and I have many memories attached with the program."

~Cara Verazin 2011

"Members of the Honors Program are a close-knit group of hard-working people who come together to learn and to share good experiences, both academically and socially.  My honors classes were some of my best, as they were small and interactive. The social events outside the classroom only bettered my experience.  I am very glad I chose to be a part of the program."

~Ben Foreman 2011

"For me, the honors program at King's College was like a school within the school. The honors curriculum brings together a variety of students from different majors who all have one thing in common, a seriousness about academics, and a love of proactive learning. The program provided me with a small community of diverse and talented people that I could not have built on my own.  Building relationships and engaging in class discussions with the top students from every major broadened my perspective on learning, and enhanced my liberal arts education.  While the program sounded somewhat intimidating at first, I found it was effortless to stay motivated while among peers who were so engaged and motivated.  When you're surrounded by people who have a passion for something, it is contagious!  For this reason, even though I was a math major, I found myself enjoying and succeeding in classes like philosophy, and even history.  In addition, the program allowed me to explore my own major more deeply.  The program gave me incentive to take independent studies, and to do research beyond basic coursework in my field for honors credit.  Those experiences have set me apart from other candidates in my applications to graduate schools. I highly recommend this program, as it was surely a defining characteristic of my college experience."

~Maria Walpole 2010

"When I first heard about the Honors Program at King's, it sounded like a great idea.  It was a way to skip some introductory level courses and fulfill multiple course requirements with each class.  Over the course of my four years though, the program proved to be beneficial for many more reasons.  The Honors courses I took did allow me to take fewer core classes, which in turn freed up more time in my schedule for me to take classes relating to my major and minor.  The Program gave me the opportunity to attend special lectures and the Lounge and Learns whenever I could.  But most importantly, the Honors Program allowed me to learn with some of the best professors and the brightest students at King's, so that I would be constantly challenged to work harder.  The Honors Program has been an extremely rewarding experience for me, surpassing my original expectations by miles, and I would do it all over again if I had the chance."

~Alan Matusiewicz 2010

"Because I was the type of high school student who always looked for challenges that would help me to stand out above the crowd, the Honors Program naturally appealed to me when I came to King's College. I was a science major and therefore a bit apprehensive about the humanities courses. But it turns out that the Honors Program classes I took (both the required and the elective ones) were actually among my favorite classes at King's! The classes are small and interactive, the professors are enthusiastic and eager to see you succeed, and the students are on a higher intellectual level, helping you to evolve both as a student and as a person. I know I would not have learned nearly as much from the regular required core classes as I did from the Honors classes. Without the Honors Program, I would have also missed out on a lot of friendships with people I truly relate to, fun social events, and access to the lounge that was always perfect for studying, eating, or just relaxing. The King's College Honors Program is perfect for anyone who wants to supplement his or her college experience with extra intellectual stimulation and academic distinction."

~Keri Ann Stevenson 2010

"When I first decided to enter the Honors Program at King's College, I was both excited and apprehensive because I knew that the Program would both challenge and enhance my academic abilities.  Retrospectively, completing the Honors Program was one of my greatest accomplishments at King's and one of the most intelligent decisions of my undergraduate career.  I had the privilege of taking classes with some of the college's most gifted students, and small class sizes promoted very in-depth and fruitful discussions.  The professors were also both excited and enthusiastic about teaching Honors courses, which made my learning experience even more rewarding.  When the time came to apply to graduate schools, being a future graduate of the Honors Program certainly allowed my application to stand out in a unique and positive way, and as a result, it helped me gain acceptance to multiple prestigious Master's programs, which should assist in attaining my ultimate goal of earning my Ph.D.  Completing the Honors Program at King's College has played a huge role in my development as both a student and a person, and I would fervently recommend the Program to any eligible student who is looking for a challenging yet rewarding experience while in college. "

~Elysia Balavage 2010     

"Being a student in the King's College Honors Program has prepared me for success in my future real-world endeavors.  As an active participant in Honors-caliber classes, I was regularly challenged to examine and critically analyze the facts and knowledge imparted to me by the Honors professors.  Through engaging discussions, lively debates, and informative lectures, each class facilitated the process of learning the material, along with honing my critical thinking skills.  I, along with my Honors classmates and friends, came away from this experience with meaningful insights that will guide us in approaching and solving complex, real-life problems.

Furthermore, being a member and leader of the Honors Program Student Advisory Council allowed me to reach out to other Honors students. Trips to New York City and Boston provided great opportunities to connect with students in the Program, some of whom I had not met before.  Additionally, the opportunities discuss a wide array of topics from forensic science to success in the business world to even the experience of writing meaningful children's literature were provided in the popular Lounge & Learn series.  This series allowed Honors students and professors to meet and engage in thoughtful discussion. Meaningful participation on the Council fostered and bolstered the connection between the Honors Program and the College as a whole, and will always be something I will look back on with pride.

As a recent graduate, I can confidently attribute my successes at King's to those experiences I had while in the Honors Program.  Whether in the classroom or on the Council, my time spent in those endeavors not only deepened my knowledge, but also provided encouragement to challenge myself, and to grow as a young adult.  If you find yourself looking for such opportunities to reach your greatest potential, I would certainly recommend the King's College Honors Program for you, it's an experience you will not forget!"

~Chris Kasbohm 2010

"When I first came to King's, I was nervous about starting the Honors Program; although I was an A student in high school, I was worried that the classes would be too challenging as I worked to adjust to a new stage in my life.  Just days after starting at King's, though, I knew that I had made the right decision.  The classes were small, which made one-on-one interactions with the professors and students not just possible, but essential.  Everyday, I would enjoy stimulating discussions on whatever we were learning, and being with a group of students with similar goals helped me form strong friendships that I still have today.  I've gained so much knowledge from being around such bright, hard-working individuals.

On a personal level, the program has provided me with many outstanding opportunities.  I've had the chance to develop leadership skills while working with the Honors Program Student Advisory Council, and I've gotten to know students in other grades.  I've also had the chance to interact with students from Misericordia University's Honors Program and a number of other community members through events like Lounge and Learn, movie nights, trivia nights, trips, and service projects.  Because of my experiences, I have more confidence and interests than I ever would have imagined possible when I entered King's. 

I believe that the Honors Program is responsible for a lot of my success both during my years at King's and beyond.  I've held two paid internships, I've won numerous scholarships, and I was actively recruited by a number of graduate schools--I know that listing the Honors Program on my resume has been integral to these achievements.  I'm really going to miss being a part of this wonderful group at King's!"

~Gracemarie Mike 2009

"Participating in the Honors Program is by far one of the best decisions I made during my time at King's. Courses in the Honors Program are populated by the brightest students and the best professors and so naturally feature a high level of intellectual discussion. The Honors Program also offers great opportunities to students outside the classroom with its cultural events, trips to various locations such as New York City, and inspiring discussions in its Lounge and Learn series. In short, the Honors Program fosters both academic and personal excellence."

~Michael Buckwash 2009

"As a high school senior I hesitated to accept the invitation to the King's College Honors Program because I knew it would be challenging. Four years later I can tell you the Honors Program has played a huge role in helping me succeed in the classroom and to grow as a person. Classes are small and teachers are always enthusiastic and willing to help. Outside the classroom I enjoyed the various social events, including lectures and trips. In fact, some of my best friends from college I met in the Honors Program. The Honors Program pushed me to develop skills such as leadership, writing, and public speaking that will serve me well long after I leave college.  I have gained so many valuable memories and experiences from participating in the Honors Program that I strongly recommend the program to anyone who is interested."

~Susan Prentice 2009

"Participating in the honors program has been one of the best decisions I've made since coming to King's. Graduating with honors gives me the competitive edge I need for law school and definitely gives a special touch to my resume. There were very interesting course selections with dedicated teachers, and students who actively participate and challenge one another. Rather than spending time several core classes, the accelerated program allows for the completion of several core requirements in single classes, leaving space in my schedule for more classes that I thought were interesting rather than required. The honors program has made substantial progress even over my four years at King's and with the addition of socials and a new lounge is very welcoming and inviting. For me the honors program was an advantage I had over several of my friends and I definitely would recommend anyone even considering joining to pursue the program as it promotes success both inside and outside of the classroom."

~Michelle O'Brien 2008

"Out of all the decisions I made while at Kings, completing the Honors Program was by far the best.  The Honors classes were some of the most rewarding classes I took while at Kings. The professors' passion for the subject helped challenge each one of us to broaden our interests and attain a higher level of learning.  I was also surrounded by other students who wanted to get as much out of each class as I did which provided for great class discussions.  I enjoyed the course work that accompanied the Honors classes, and I also enjoyed working with honors extension contracts to gain even more from my major classes.  When I graduated from Kings as an Honors Graduate I was proud to wear my medal and know that without the Honors Program my experience at King's would not have been the same. "

~Melissa Richards 2008

"As a student who felt as though their high school curriculum was far from challenging, it was not difficult for me to graduate from said high school without trying too hard. So when I received an invitation to become a member of the King's College Honors Program the summer before my Freshman year, I was ready to be challenged, and therefore, I accepted. And challenged I was, every day, for the next four years. And although that might sound scary to those of you first starting your education at King's, I can honestly say that my place within the Honors Program is something I am still grateful for. The opportunity to engage in conversation and even debate with the brightest students at Kings, and professors who expected me to demand more from myself than the bare minimum are just a few of the things the Honors Program can offer. My classes within the Honors Program curriculum forced me to become a better writer, more capable of completing extensive research assignments, a confident public speaker, and it taught me to have confidence in my own knowledge and potential. I believe my completion of the Honors Program was one of the reasons I will be attending law school in the Fall and why I was accepted to not one, but six of the top 100 law schools in the country. I hope that those of you are offered a place within the Honors Program know what an honor it truly is, and embark on a challenge that will ultimately better your King's College education."

~Ashley Zingaretti 2008