The hours of the Widmann Art Gallery, in its location on the first floor of the Sheehy-Farmer Campus Center, are:

Monday - Friday:
9:00 am to 4:30 pm 

*Doors are swipe activated, Please call the college switchboard at (570) 208-5900 when you arrive so they can grant you access.

Saturday, Sunday:
Gallery hours are as arranged, call (570) 208-5900 for more information.

The Widmann Art Gallery is closed on national holidays and during scheduled breaks throughout the academic year. 

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Instagram: or @widmann_gallery
Parking Lot Address: 133 N Franklin St., Wilkes-Barre, PA 
Building Address: Sheehy Farmer Campus Center (1st Floor), 116 N. Main Street, Wilkes-Barre, PA

Download our program brochure for Spring events here!

Spring Semester Showcases 2023


Selected works by Colleen Quinn | January 9th – 28th
Meet The Artist: Friday January 13th, 4pm-7pm

A series of 15 paintings that range in size from 10" x 14" to 5' x 7'. Using acrylic paint on canvas, the paintings are realistic, figurative and have an emphasis on portraiture. This series began four and a half years ago after I was diagnosed with stage four breast cancer. This was a harrowing and ultimately life-changing experience that caused me to refocus my art to what is most important to me, namely, the close relationships I have had and a reflection on meaning: what my life has been about. I have also been moved to reconsider my fears and acceptance of mortality and how this universal reality always seems to come as a shock. The theme of the work I am proposing for display at Widmann Gallery is how joy and pain can co-exist in the same moment, and how we connect with each other in powerful ways through these shared human experiences.

African American Evolution of Music

Multicultural Office, King’s College | February 1st – 17th
Public Viewing (No headphones needed on this day)- Thursday February 9th, 3:30-4:00PM

Let’s Celebrate Black History Month! Walk around each display and see the photos of rhythm and music. From slavery until now, music has been an important role of expression. Not only will you see, but you can also hear as you put on your air pods/earphones and surround yourself with the music as you walk through.  

Stations of the Cross

Office of Campus Ministry, King’s College | February 20th – 24th
Public Event: Friday February 24th, 4:00PM

The Stations of the Cross depict the suffering and death of Jesus Christ on Good Friday, inviting those who pray before them to recall His sacrifice and the gift of salvation.  The artistic depictions of the Stations of the Cross from the former Chapel of Christ the King will be displayed alongside contemporary images highlighting the fight against injustice still present in the world.  All are invited to visit and pray with the Stations of the Cross during this first week of Lent.  A communal praying of the Stations of the Cross will take place at 4:00pm on Friday February 24. 

The Edward Welles, Jr Collection by Artists in the Wyoming Valley

Leonard Corgan Library, King’s College | March 1st – 16th

Selections from The Edward Welles, Jr. Collection of Paintings by Artists in Wyoming Valley, which was donated by Mrs. Welles in 1970 after the passing of her husband. Paintings and drawings are personal selections of the Welles by local artists. This will be the first time items have left the Library.

Stress Less Fest

Student Health and Counseling Center | March 22nd – 30th

More information to come!

Annual Student Media Communications Exhibit

Mass Communications @ King’s College | May 2nd – May 20th

Dr. Mercincavage coordinated this Media Exhibit every year since 2011 to showcase the creativity of King’s College students enrolled in Mass Communications courses and her graphic design course in the CORE curriculum. The title of the display is the Annual Student Media Communications Exhibit. It is a compilation of mostly printed graphic design works (e.g., print ads, magazine article spreads, posters, web pages, social media ads, etc.). Computers will be used to showcase students' video and audio works from the Mass Communications broadcasting courses. Sometimes students submit work from their experience at WRKC or The Crown.

Contact Information

Portrait of Jasmine Giddings, Widmann Gallery Coordinator

Jasmine L. Giddings
Widmann Gallery Coordinator
Director of Multicultural and International Student Programs
(570) 208-5898