Chi Alpha Epsilon is the national honor society for students who are admitted to colleges and universities via developmental program pathways. The national organization was founded in 1990 to promote continued high academic standards, foster increased communication among its members, and honor academic excellence. The King's Alpha Lambda Chapter was established in 1999 and admits full-time junior and senior APP students who have achieved a 3.00 cumulative grade-point-average for at least two consecutive semesters and have been an active participant in the program. Kelly Lettieri, Achievement Plus Director, is moderator of the society.

Members give back to the program through leadership and service. Membership in the society enables students to take on a form of leadership in an academic setting such as tutoring or serving as a peer leader or volunteering time at a local social service agency.

Peer Mentor Program matches first-year students with an upperclassman to help with the transition to college. This service is offered only during the summer bridge program.  Incoming students meet weekly with their mentor to discuss summer classes, faculty expectations, anticipated major workload, campus resources, strategies for success.

Beginning Buddy Program connects incoming fall first-year students with an upperclassman to be ready to start their college career.  This service is offered only to students who do not participate in the summer program.  New students meet virtually or in-person at least 3 times in the summer prior to fall classes to discuss academic workload and faculty expectations, campus resources, etc.