Achievement Plus is intended to serve individuals who:

  • Have SAT or ACT scores that do not attain achievement levels according to grade reports.
  • Have low to average SAT scores while attempting a difficult curriculum; i.e. Pre-Med, MS PA, Education, Athletic Training, Excercise Science, Engineering. Nursing or Accounting.
  • Are returning to college after several years' absence.
  • Have a vocational or non-traditional rather than a college preparatory background.
  • Are transferring from a two-year post secondary institution.


Have an academic need
Although no student is accepted at King's unless it is felt he or she can be successful, some students show, through their high school records and SAT/ACT scores, that they would more likely succeed if they utilized academic support services.

Have a financial need
Students whose resources for higher education are deemed to be limited. This is derived from an adjusted gross income figure reported on the necessary completed FASA forms and the EFC (expected family contribution).

Be a full-time first-year or transfer student

Be an ESL student
Contact Kelly Lettieri at  (570) 208-5900, ext. 5897 or